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Skydiving in Mexico - The Top Destinations

For many, to jump out of a plane and skydive is at the top of their bucket list, and the most daring want to make their extreme activities even more adventurous by skydiving in Mexico. Being able to…

Published on 05.09.2019


5 Creative Ways to Make Your Puerto Vallarta Vacation Unique

While Vallarta vacations are becoming more popular, there are still unique things to do in Puerto Vallarta that will take you off the beaten path and into the local culture and community. Including…

Published on 21.08.2019


Essential things to do in Puerto Vallarta for the ultimate vacation

Even if you ask the locals, it’s hard to put into words what makes Puerto Vallarta a city so many people fall in love with, a city that captivates and enchants with its soft beauty and historic charm…

Published on 31.07.2019


Walking, Hiking, and Biking in Vallarta

With a warm sea breeze and plenty of sunshine, the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta are out in the fresh air. The pleasant weather throughout the year will make you want to soak up every minute of…

Published on 15.07.2019


Discovering the Culture of Puerto Vallarta Through the Arts

Vacationing in Mexico has so much to offer and while Spring Break parties, destination weddings, and adventure filled holidays often come to mind, there is so much more to the nation south of the U.S…

Published on 10.07.2019


What to Do in Puerto Vallarta

There are a million reasons to travel to Mexico, and with all the unique things to do in Puerto Vallarta, everyone finds their own reason to love this destination. Whether you’re looking for what to…

Published on 02.07.2019


How to get to Puerto Vallarta?

Where the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains reach the Pacific Ocean on Mexico’s west coast, you’ll find the cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta. This idyllic paradise has long been an international…

Published on 12.06.2019


El Nogalito River

The lush mountain jungles surrounding Puerto Vallarta Jalisco hold treasures unseen by most tourists. Hiking up a Puerto Vallarta river, you’ll see dragonflies flitting across the water, butterflies…

Published on 29.05.2019


Which are the best Puerto Vallarta Beaches?

As you’re preparing for your Mexico vacation, you’re probably wondering which beach is best in Puerto Vallarta. Depending on what your ideal beach day looks like, the answer will vary. Some beaches…

Published on 30.04.2019


What Does Vallarta Mean?

If you find yourself booking your next vacation or strolling down the streets of the popular tourist destination, you might ask yourself “What does Vallarta mean?” While the official Puerto Vallarta…

Published on 05.03.2019


Los Muertos Beach, the Most Visited Beach in Puerto Vallarta

Los Muertos Beach Los Muertos Beach, perhaps the most popular beach in Puerto Vallarta, bustles with beachgoers, vendors, and fishermen throughout the day, from morning walkers to late-night…

Published on 07.02.2019


Best Places In Puerto Vallarta To Visit In 2019

If you’re planning to visit Puerto Vallarta this year, get ready to encounter Mother Nature’s breathtaking beauty in a traveler’s paradise. With hidden gems waiting to be discovered, there’s something…

Published on 10.01.2019


Christmas Holidays in Puerto Vallarta

Trade in the winter blues for sunny Mexico and spend Christmas in Puerto Vallarta. The holiday season here is celebrated with both traditional customs and modern festivities, and the air is full of…

Published on 19.12.2018


Puerto Vallarta Mexico Travel Planning FAQ

When you travel to Puerto Vallarta Mexico, you’ll find yourself in a tropical paradise where the lush mountains meet the crystal blue sea. With its charming combination of authentic Mexican tradition…

Published on 13.12.2018


Los Muertos Beach 11th Fishing Tournament

Sitting on the sandy beach of Playa de Los Muertos in the heart of downtown Puerto Vallarta, you can watch fishing boats haul their catches in throughout the day, but if you come on November 9th and…

Published on 07.11.2018


Why does Mexico celebrate Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead)?

Dia de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a traditional Mexican holiday that to an outsider may seem spooky or may appear to be just another Halloween. In reality, the Day of the Dead festival stems from…

Published on 10.10.2018


Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta on the Southern Shore

Traveling is a chance to both relax and explore the world. When you visit Puerto Vallarta, there are plenty of new experiences and places to see to keep you busy and enthralled on your Mexico…

Published on 01.09.2018


Three Reasons to Visit Puerto Vallarta Now

Puerto Vallarta is one of the best destinations in Mexico throughout the year. From the crystal blue waters to the lush tropical forests, a vacation to Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa fits into…

Published on 28.06.2018


Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta

Due to the palm-peppered mountains and vast ocean waters that surround the town, Puerto Vallarta is a haven for discovery, adventure, and relaxation. Visitors can revel in a myriad of fun things to do…

Published on 21.04.2018


Magic Towns of Jalisco

Puerto Vallarta Mexico is a land of magic. From the enchanting view of the coast to the natural wildlife in the mountains, there’s always something to discover in the charming town and its vast…

Published on 21.04.2018

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