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Time in Puerto Vallarta: Time Zone, Current Local Time and Weather

DESTINATION | Published on 16/07/2021
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The tropical shores of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico attract travelers from around the world, and with its warm weather and welcoming hospitality, today is always the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta. As you make your way there, be sure to check the current local time and compare the Puerto Vallarta time zone with home. By checking the time in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll be able to adjust for jet lag and feel ready to hit the beach.

What Time is it in Puerto Vallarta?

The current local time in Puerto Vallarta is based on the Central Time Zone, and the Puerto Vallarta time zone is the same as Dallas and Chicago. If you’re coming from Eastern Time, the current time in Puerto Vallarta is one hour behind you. Mountain Time is an hour earlier than Puerto Vallarta, and Pacific Time is two hours earlier. Because these time zones are all close together, the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta won’t be based on dealing with jet lag or needing lots of days off to travel.

Does the Time Change in Puerto Vallarta?

What is the Puerto Vallarta Weather Like?

Just as the time in Puerto Vallarta changes throughout the year, so does the weather. Like most places in the world, the summer months have the hottest temperatures while the winters are more mild. As you look at the Puerto Vallarta weather, you’ll also see that the fall brings rain showers, and since there’s a chance of tropical storms during this time of year, the end of the summer and beginning of fall is known as hurricane season. However, because the city is nestled in a bay surrounded by the mountains, most major storms blow past Puerto Vallarta.

How to Decide When to Visit Puerto Vallarta?

As you try to figure out when to visit Puerto Vallarta, the weather is one of the primary factors to consider, and each season has its own benefits. The cooler weather in the winter brings more tourists to town, and while there will be more going on, it can start to feel crowded in town. When the summer heats up, things quiet down, giving you perfect beach days as you bury your toes in the sand and cool off with icy margaritas, and it’s the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta if you’re hoping to score travel deals and find discounted hotel stays. When the Puerto Vallarta weather gets rainy, you’ll find it follows a predictable daily schedule. The showers typically come in the late afternoon, so if you know the current time in Puerto Vallarta, you can plan your outdoor activities around the rain.

While some travelers say that there’s a perfect time for when to visit Puerto Vallarta, it’s always a good time to jet off for a beach vacation. Because the city is located in the Central Time Zone, travelers from North American will have very little jet lag to deal with. During your stay, you’ll be able to call home without worrying about the time difference and share daily photos of the sunny shores.

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