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Discovering the Culture of Puerto Vallarta Through the Arts

DESTINATION | Published on 10/07/2019
Optimizada culture of puerto vallarta

Vacationing in Mexico has so much to offer and while Spring Break parties, destination weddings, and adventure filled holidays often come to mind, there is so much more to the nation south of the U.S. border than one might think. For the traveler looking for something more, a culture trip Puerto Vallarta style isn’t to be overlooked. Puerto Vallarta cultural activities abound, and while the popular tourist destination may be more well-known for its stunning beauty, ocean adventures, and mountain thrills, it is definitely a place where you can embrace a totally new culture, especially when taking in the arts. The town is bursting with artistic elements that paint a unique story of the nation’s past and present. For a mindblowing culture trip Puerto Vallarta style, visit the Malecon, stroll the Puerto Vallarta art galleries, walk the streets of the once quiet colonial town, and learn about the indigenous through beautiful Huichol art. 

Sculptures Along Malecon Puerto Vallarta

The Malecon Puerto Vallarta is by far one of the best places in the city to experience the art and culture of Mexico. Along the two mile-long promenade, there are a number of sculptures created by national and international artists that have become memorable points of interest for those visiting the city. Among the most well-known are The Boy on the Seahorse, by Rafael Zamarripa, which has become an iconic symbol for the city, Searching for Reason, by Mexican artist Sergio Bustamante, which beckons tourists to climb its ladder and imitate the pillow-headed figures for a unique photo-opt, and Nostalgia, by Mexican artist Ramiz Barquet, which depicts the romance that can be felt all over town. While the Malecon isn’t considered one of the many art galleries Puerto Vallarta Mexico has to offer, it is one of the best Puerto Vallarta cultural activities where one can enjoy the beauty of the destination, the unique people-watching, and incredible art at the same time. 

Art Galleries Puerto Vallarta Mexico

One of the Puerto Vallarta cultural activities that seems to draw in a large number of tourists every year is the Art Walk that begins on the Malecon and strolls through the various Puerto Vallarta art galleries that pepper the downtown scene. While you don’t actually need to sign up for the Art Walk tour, you will want to take a minute to appreciate the art galleries Puerto Vallarta Mexico has to offer. Each one has a unique collection of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and statues on display that have been created by local, national, and international artists. These Puerto Vallarta art galleries provide a different look at the beauty of the city and the way of life of the people when on a culture trip Puerto Vallarta. 

Street Murals Throughout Town

When you venture off Malecon Puerto Vallarta, into the streets of the charming Mexican town, you’ll find a number of murals that decorate the walls of shops, homes, retaining walls, and the like. There are dozens of street art throughout Old Town Vallarta, the center of the city, and the nearby neighborhoods, each telling a unique story about life in Mexico, the artists’ dreams, or a complicated message that only the observer can interpret for himself. If you find yourself embarking on a culture trip Puerto Vallarta style, skipping over these unique art pieces would truly be a mistake. Not only will you get to see some of the most unique pieces throughout the city, but you’ll also get a feel for what life is like beyond the tourist paths of the popular destination. 

Huichol Art Puerto Vallarta 

As you stroll through town and peruse the various shops that you find along the way, you are sure to encounter Huichol art. Puerto Vallarta is teeming with the creations of indigenous artists streaming from a long line of Huicholes, who leave locals and visitors in awe at the intricate beadwork, bright textiles, and elaborate masterpieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. Huichol art Puerto Vallarta dates back centuries, and while the commercialized products that you’ll find for sale around town are a bit different from the traditional artwork, they still reflect the religious and symbolic significance they once did hundreds of years ago. 

Whether roaming Malecon Puerto Vallarta, visiting one of the numerous art galleries Puerto Vallarta Mexico has to offer, or heading out on a journey to find as much street art as you can, there is no doubt that the popular tourist destination is home to a wealth of fantastic traditional, contemporary, and modern artwork that you can’t help but love. When looking for the best Puerto Vallarta cultural activities, look no further than the streets of downtown, Old Town, and the nearby neighborhoods for a magical experience you’ll remember forever. 

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