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Puerto Vallarta Bay Breeze Spa

Spa at Villa del Palmar

Puerto Vallarta Bay Breeze Spa Services

This Puerto Vallarta spa is truly the ideal place for a relaxing spa treatment that will awaken your senses and liven your spirit. Whether you opt for an invigorating facial or a relaxing, luxurious couples' massage on the beach, you'll feel your stress melt away under the soothing hands of our highly skilled staff, while gentle bay breezes lightly brush your body from one of our outdoor cabanas. Our spa takes its inspiration from the sea and includes a range of options tailored to nurturing your body back to its natural balance.

Spa Packages

Puerto Vallarta Bay Breeze Spa Services
Customized Bay Breeze Massage

Enjoy the experience of receiving a unique massage that uses different techniques adjusted to the needs of your body. This personalized massage begins with the soothing feeling of a scent pad on your back to help eliminate stress and muscle tension, and continues with a gentle massage of the legs and feet, working pressure points to provide complete balance to your body.

Experience the harmony of aromatic synergies in a setting that perfectly blends your love and then follow it with a relaxing massage by candlelight, where the heat of the wax will take your mind, body and soul on a journey of total relaxation (includes gourmet detail).

A complete Face & Body Ritual. Experience the beauty of hydrated and firm skin. This treatment has an anti-free radical effect, and is perfect for environmentally damaged skin and helps to decrease stress and tension.

Oxygen Ritual

An exquisite body treatment with a soft, fresh texture. Recommended for all types of skin; it provides deep hydration. Absolute relaxation from head to toe. During the treatment you’ll recover your face’s vitality and luminosity through an oxygenated facial.

3D Collagen Shock is a powerful stimulation treatment, crafted to articulate your gorgeously sculpted visage. With unique triple collagen activation, this facial works on the different layers of the skin and is designed to increase firmness, enhance facial contours, improve elasticity and boost hydration.

This facial is customized for both men and women and is a thorough cleansing of the skin and pores. It includes a purifying exfoliation, followed by a calming mask specifically selected for your skin type. This luxurious and relaxing facial will leave your skin cleansed and rebalanced.

Immerse your skin in the antioxidant power of a vitamin C spa treatment. These nutrient-rich sensorial facials and body rituals restore vitality to sun damaged skin and help minimize the signs of premature aging.

Revitalizing, purifying, and hydrating! This facial provides a true Oxygen treat for the skin, leaving it luminous with a youthful glow. Achieve the deep hydration and revitalization you need for radiant and fresh looking skin.

S.O.S Sensitive Facial; Anti-Inflammatory treatment for even the most sensitive skin. Achieve reduced redness and preserve the natural hydration levels of your skin, leaving it smooth, clarified, and luminous.

This treatment introduces the latest proven-effective anti-ageing discovery specifically formulated for him. This unique tri-phase treatment combines the rejuvenating and restorative effects of freezedried Escutox to replenish the skin while counteracting the signs of ageing, razor burn, folliculitis and sensitivity. Results are visible and will promote healthy, youthful skin with a rejuvenated appearance. Formulated especially for the needs of male skin, this treatment is a must for any man concerned with skin care.

Radiance Coconut Body Scrub

This gentle, sugar-based body exfoliant hydrates skin with organic virgin coconut oil and removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. Recommended before tanning.

Inhale the delicious, warm aroma of honey and allow yourself to melt into a soft pile of perfection! The lactic acid of the yogurt and the humectant property of organic honey moisturizes and protects to give you a velvety cloak of nourishment.

Treatment based on the traditions of the famous “Thalassotherapy”, which involves a seaweed wrap rich in marine oligo-elements with anti-inflammatory, toning, slimming, nutritive and antiseptic properties. Applied with soothing massage strokes and wrapped afterwards, this treatment leaves your skin revitalized and rematerialized.

Combining the tropical extracts of Mango and Passion fruit, the skin is smoothed and prepared with a Tropical Salt mousse, before being cocooned in a creamy yoghurt concoction. The skin emerges refreshed, smoother, firmer and visibly brighter. Recommended to reaffirm the skin. Perfect for dull and sallow skin types.

A wonderful treatment designed for dehydrated skin that has been exposed to the sun; its main ingredients are Aloe Vera and Tepezcohuite that help you to relax, detox, hydrate, refresh, and reaffirm your skin.

Love my Back

Release accumulated tension in the neck, shoulders and back; improving mobility and fatigue with a basic relaxing massage.

Aromatherapy is the art of recovering the well being of the body and mind using essential oils, which balance every magnetic center of the body. The essences are absorbed rapidly through the skin or respiratory system, acting upon various physical systems

Relax and recover your vital energy with a full body massage. Tension and accumulated stress will vanish after this delicate, soft treatment, diminishing muscle stiffness and improving blood circulation.

Healing my feets

Relax and restore your vital energy with a wonderfully invigorating and relaxing leg massage. This massage ends with the application of a refreshing cream, which will improve circulation and leave your legs feeling light and revitalized.

This is a firmer and deeper type of body massage that helps to release chronic muscle tension derived from physical activities. It’s also for guests that enjoy massage techniques that apply firm pressure. Ideal for anyone that enjoys an athletic and active lifestyle.

A unique experience that creates a sublime connection between mother and baby. Alleviates the feeling of heaviness in the legs, hips and womb, and provides the skin with increased elasticity through the application of natural balms and essential oils. During the 90-minute massage, your skin will be caressed using a regenerating exfoliation.

A creamy milk with Lavender & Rosemary exfoliates will buff feet to perfection. Followed by a warm aromatic mask, you have a deluxe combination. A superb treatment for any time of the year. Remember to bring open toed shoes with you for your pedicure treatments.

Hot Stones were both used as an offering to the gods and were considered an element of protection for the noblemen and soldiers of ancient Mexico. In this mystic massage, we use a stone that maintains an internal heat that is absorbed directly by the muscular system, activating circulation, eliminating toxins, and relaxing the nervous system.

The treatment includes shaping, a cuticle soak, a hydrating moisturizer, buff, and polish of your choice.

The ultimate boost for tired hands. Cuticles are tidied up and nails are shaped. A creamy milk with Lavender & Rosemary exfoliates will buff hands to perfection, and it is followed by a warm aromatic mask. Your hands will thank you.

Sit back and relax. Let us relieve any tension and restore the sparkle in your feet. Dry skin is buffed away, cuticles are tidied up, nails are trimmed, and a foot massage that will leave you floating on air.

Blissful Journey Therapy

Relaxation from head to toe. This special technique integrates different massages that range from relaxing to toning. In each session the massage is created according to the wishes and necessities of the guest, in order to provide the exact treatment desired. Various types of manipulations are incorporated.

One of the world’s oldest healing methods, using a unique massage technique applied to the feet, hands & head, bringing all of the body’s organs back into balance.

This is a therapy that combines heat, massage and an herbal mixture that helps you get rid of tension, muscle pain, aches, and inflammation. It also stimulates blood circulation and the lymph by means of a soft rub with a warm compress.

Heal your mind, body, and spirit at the Bay Breeze Spa.


"Great hotel and amazing food! Service was fantastic, staff was responsive, and spa was relaxing. We will return."

- Jessica Maloy

Relaxation and wellbeing in a uniquely accommodating environment

This exquisite spa has four couple’s massage rooms, one with a bathtub for two, a beauty parlor, a relaxation lounge, showers and lockers for both men and women, in addition to a gazebo on the beach so guests can enjoy a relaxing massage while listening to the sounds of the sea. At the Bay Breeze Spa in Puerto Vallarta, the highly trained staff is committed to restoring your body, mind and soul with an array of soothing spa experiences. Guests are offered the latest and most innovative skincare and spa techniques and invited to indulge in an atmosphere of pure tranquillity.

Villa Del Palmar Puerto Vallarta Bay Breeze Spa

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