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Where is Puerto Vallarta?

DESTINATION | Published on 10/06/2022
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With verdant jungle mountains surrounding the city as it faces out over the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Vallarta Mexico is an idyllic destination. Its natural beauty and historic charm have captivated the imaginations of travelers for decades, and the luxury resorts and fresh seafood make guests feel completely pampered. If you’re unfamiliar with Mexican geography, you may not be familiar with where is Puerto Vallarta. As you explore the Puerto Vallarta location, you’ll see why it’s such an incredible destination for Mexico beach vacations.

Where is Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta is located in Jalisco state along Mexico’s west coast. It’s in the middle of a large bay called Banderas Bay, which provides the area with naturally calm and safe waters for swimming and diving. The Mexico Pacific coast is lined by the Sierra Madre Occidental range, and in different cities on west coast of Mexico, you’ll find hidden waterfalls. The Puerto Vallarta location is located in the Central Time Zone, and with an international airport, getting here for Mexico beach vacations is quick and easy.

Weather in Puerto Vallarta

Being located along the ocean gives the weather in Puerto Vallarta a warm, tropical feel, but like other areas of the world, west coast Mexico experiences different seasons. From November through March, the Mexico Pacific coast welcomes cooler temperatures, making it a popular time for Mexico beach vacations. However, the hotter summer months bring warm water temperatures, perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving without getting chilly. While fall is the rainy season, the showers breathe new life into the jungle, making them emerald green, and since the rainfall follows a predictable schedule in the afternoon, you can easily plan your outdoor activities around it.

What State is Puerto Vallarta in?

Travelers who want to learn more about the local culture should know what state is Puerto Vallarta in because it’s an area with rich traditions. Puerto Vallarta Mexico is located in Jalisco state, the state where mariachi music originated and charro rodeo competitions began. When you look at where is Puerto Vallarta, you’ll see that it’s in the same state as the city of Tequila. In just a four hour drive past other small cities on west coast of Mexico, you can walk through blue agave fields and sample fine tequilas as you learn about the distilling process, a famous tradition in the state of Jalisco.

Exploring West Coast Mexico

Once you know what state is Puerto Vallarta in, you’ll see that it and Tequila are just a few cities on west coast of Mexico that you’ll fall in love with. The Mexico Pacific coast is dotted with small fishing and surfing villages where you can stroll cobblestone streets and eat the freshest seafood. To the south of the Puerto Vallarta location, paddleboard around the famous Los Arcos rocks in Mismaloya, or hike through the jungle in Boca de Tomatlan. Head north for surfing in Sayulita and San Pancho, two laid-back surfer towns of west coast Mexico with boutique shopping and plenty of local art.

As you fly into Puerto Vallarta Mexico, you’ll have views of verdant mountains and blue waters to welcome you to Jalisco state, where the culture and hospitality is just as warm as the weather in Puerto Vallarta. After just a few days here, you’ll be enchanted by the charms and energy of the city.

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