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How to get to Puerto Vallarta?

DESTINATION | Published on 12/06/2019
Optimizada getting to puerto vallarta

Where the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains reach the Pacific Ocean on Mexico’s west coast, you’ll find the cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta. This idyllic paradise has long been an international retreat, beckoning everyone from old Hollywood stars to modern backpackers to her golden shores. As the city’s popularity increased over the years, new ways for how to get to Puerto Vallarta were created to make escaping to paradise quicker. As you plan your vacation, explore each of the options to find the best way to get to Puerto Vallarta for you.

Millions of travelers get to Puerto Vallarta by plane every year. In fact, in 2018 alone, the Puerto Vallarta airport received more than 4. 7 million passengers. With direct flights from major Mexican cities and international destinations, the Puerto Vallarta airport is constantly busy with activity. In less than an hour, travelers can arrive from Guadalajara, and getting from Mexico City to the Puerto Vallarta airport is less than two hours. If you’re traveling throughout the country, getting to Puerto Vallarta by plane is a quick option, and if you’re traveling from another country, it may be the best way to get to Puerto Vallarta. Direct flights leave daily from Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Quebec, Toronto, and Vancouver. Many airlines have summer deals and more discounts throughout the year on flights to the Puerto Vallarta airport, so it’s never too early to start looking for a deal on flights.

Those who enjoy excitement and pampering love getting to Puerto Vallarta on a cruise ship. During the winter, you can spot up to three cruise ships in the port. Some of the ships that dock here on their journeys are Carnival Cruises, Disney Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Princess Cruises. This is the best way to get to Puerto Vallarta is you want a day packed with fun and the chance to see other coastal cities in Mexico, but it may not be the best way if you wish to stay on for a week or more, which is evitably what people wish they could do.

Puerto Vallarta is a winter home for many Americans and Canadians, and many of them have perfected how to get to Puerto Vallarta by staying on top of cheap flights and new routes that are popping up daily. For those who are planning on staying in town for several weeks or months, choosing the best method for how to get to Puerto Vallarta, can be a game changer. Much like the Puerto Vallarta airport, the Puerto Vallarta bus station is also a major transportation hub in town, with buses rolling in all day and all night. The bus system in Mexico is very efficient, and the busses are modern and spacious, giving you room to relax and even enjoy onboard Wi-Fi. If you are traveling to the Puerto Vallarta bus station, you’ll have the chance to pass by verdant views of the mountains and jungle. When looking to save money on transportation, you can find cheap flights to major cities like Guadalajara or Mexico City and take a bus from there to Puerto Vallarta. While getting to the Puerto Vallarta bus station takes longer than flying, it can save you money and give you a tour of the countryside.

Every traveler has their preferred way of getting to Puerto Vallarta. By plane, sea, or road, millions of visitors are making their way to the warm waters of the Bay of Banderas to discover the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta. No matter how you get here, you’ll find yourself in a world of vibrant culture, warm hospitality, and incredible adventures.

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