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How's the Rainy Season in Puerto Vallarta?

DESTINATION | Published on 21/06/2019
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While some might assume that Puerto Vallarta weather is always sunny and warm, there are changing seasons that bring cooler evenings and rain showers to paradise. At the same time, there are many myths about Puerto Vallarta climate in rainy season. Some might wonder what is the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta, and if you take the time to read about this unique season, you’ll see all the reasons that make it the best time of year to travel in Puerto Vallarta.

From July to October, the Puerto Vallarta weather features regular rain showers almost every afternoon, ranging from calm showers to thunderstorms. These storms can be magnificent to watch as lightning pierces the sky and lights up the ocean. Stunning shots of the storm are often featured in the news during Mexico rainy season. Once the ocean breeze blows the storm away, the brilliant sunshine returns, and blue skies will dominate your days in Puerto Vallarta during rainy season.

These months are also the Puerto Vallarta hurricane season. As tropical storms brew in the Pacific Ocean, local authorities stay on top of any changes in the Puerto Vallarta weather and alert the public to any new developments. The community is prepared to spring into action during the Puerto Vallarta hurricane season, establishing designated shelters and boarding up windows. Thankfully, the natural landscape of the bay and mountains protect the city from the majority of tropical storms and hurricanes, and in recent years, most storms have calmly stayed away from shore. As you’re watching storms pass by during Puerto Vallarta hurricane season, you’ll witness the majestic power of Mother Nature as cool air provides relief from the warm sun.

The Puerto Vallarta climate in rainy season breathes new life into the jungles. Leaves unfurl as bright flowers spring from the earth. After long dry months, the rain paints the mountains emerald green and while there is a considerable amount of humidity in the air, the Puerto Vallarta weather during this time does make it the perfect season for hiking and adventuring in the jungle. While some might be swayed from visiting Puerto Vallarta during rainy season, outdoor enthusiasts love the fresh life springing up during the late summer.

While the Mexico rainy season might be tempting you out of doors to splash in puddles and dance in the rain, it’s easy to plan your day to avoid getting caught in a downpour. Because most of the showers fall in the late afternoon, you can enjoy long mornings under the sun on the beach or schedule tours for this time of day, which is actually when most of them take place. When you return to your resort suite after a day of swimming and exploring, you’ll be ready to clean up and relax to the sound of rain before enjoying dinner in the cool evening air that makes the Puerto Vallarta climate in rainy season a tempting draw for many travelers.

Traveling to Puerto Vallarta during rainy season is also the savvy choice for those hunting for travel deals. Because some travelers wonder what is the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta but don’t consider the new adventures it brings, many airlines and resorts offer the biggest deals of the year from July to October. Once you’re here during this uncrowded time, you can spread out on the beaches and get seated quickly at even the most popular restaurants in town, giving you even more reasons to love Mexico rainy season.

As July approaches, it’s time to come see what is the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta like for yourself and to take advantage of the lowest prices of the year on the best resorts in Puerto Vallarta. Dance in the rain or watch the storm roll by as you enjoy the vibrant culture and warm hospitality of Puerto Vallarta.

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