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Puerto Vallarta Street Art

DESTINATION | Published on 01/10/2021
Optimizada mural street art in puerto vallarta

The beauty of Puerto Vallarta has captured the imagination of travelers and artists, and as you stroll the cobblestone streets of downtown Puerto Vallarta, you’ll stumble across vibrant murals and unbelievable graffiti art. Thanks to local artists, there’s always new Puerto Vallarta street art to check out, and with so much to see, you can spend hours meandering through town. To make the most of your time, use this guide to the different neighborhoods and things to see in Puerto Vallarta.

Design Your Own Puerto Vallarta Street Art Tour

There are so many things to see in Puerto Vallarta, and taking a stroll through the cobblestone streets is a free activity that you can enjoy at your own leisure. All throughout downtown Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find yourself coming upon murals that feature kids playing, tropical marine life, and famous Mexican figures. With this map, you’ll be able to find some of the best murals made by the most talented artists in Puerto Vallarta, and when you take your own urban wall art tour, you can stop along the way at local taco stands, restaurants, and shops.

Cinco de Diciembre Street Art

Start your Puerto Vallarta art tour at the cemetery in the Cinco de Diciembre where the graffiti celebrates Mexico’s Day of the Dead traditions. In this residential area, you’ll hear neighbors chatting with each other as they pop in and out of local businesses. At the corner of Bolivia and San Salvador, you’ll see the city’s biggest mural street art collaboration that was created to celebrate the opening of The Hive Studio Gallery. In this area, you’ll also see Mexican musicians, a humpback whale, and tropical fish in the urban wall art.

Downtown Puerto Vallarta Art

The Malecon boardwalk has its own public art and life-size statues by famous Mexican artists, but inland, the neighborhood is filled with a variety of galleries and mural street art. On Wednesday nights, galleries keep their doors open later for the Puerto Vallarta Art Walk. Outside, the Puerto Vallarta street art in Centro reflects both the beauty of the city and the country’s vibrant culture. As you design your own urban wall art walking tour, be sure to pass by the Malecon and stop in local galleries as well.

Romantic Zone Mural Street Art

The Romantic Zone is the most traditional part of downtown Puerto Vallarta, and to take in all the mural street art, begin up in Gringo Gulch, the neighborhood where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton lived in the 1960s. Take a snapshot under the romantic bridge that connected their villas before walking down to the Rio Cuale Island where you’ll see murals and statues among the palm trees. As you stroll through more of the Romantic Zone, keep your eyes up, and you’ll stumble upon more street art graffiti. In this area, you’ll be able to check out more of the best things to see in Puerto Vallarta, including the bright yellow church and the sparkling mosaics in Lazaro Cardenas Park.

It seems that no matter where you look in Puerto Vallarta, there’s always a new mural painted on a wall that showcases the local talent and adds to the city’s culture. By taking time to walk the streets and appreciate the art, you’ll start to feel like a part of the city.

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