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Travel Updates

Travel updates


Is it Safe in Puerto Vallarta for Tourists?

When it comes to planning a vacation, safety is undoubtedly a top concern for travelers. If you're considering a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you may be wondering, "Is Puerto Vallarta safe?". Rest…

Published on 13.06.2023


Puerto Vallarta Safety - Read What Tourists Have To Say

Puerto Vallarta is not only one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico, but it is also in constant development. Like any growing city, crime rates are on the rise and that may make you…

Published on 06.03.2023


Is Puerto vallarta Safe? - Crime Information and Safety Tips

We live in an era where people’s values are no longer as they used to be. Everywhere in the world, it is advisable to take precautions when talking to strangers or walking at night, as well as taking…

Published on 20.01.2023


Requirements for Travel to Puerto Vallarta Mexico 2023

Although in Puerto Vallarta Covid seems like a thing of the past, there are still certain precautions to avoid outbreaks of the disease in this great tourist destination. Mexico Travel restrictions…

Published on 13.01.2023


Reactivation of Activities in Puerto vallarta

Because of the city’s commitment to preventive measures and sanitation, the Puerto Vallarta travel restrictions have been lifted. For the past several weeks, bars and restaurants have had limited…

Published on 12.03.2021


COVID-19 Testing Program at Villa del Palmar is a Overwhelming Success

At the beginning of the year, many countries around the world began requiring air passengers to get a COVID test for travel into their borders, and with these new announcements, travelers were asking…

Published on 03.03.2021


COVID Testing Requirements for Recently Recovered Passengers

Recently, new Puerto Vallarta safety warnings and Mexico travel restrictions 2022 have made the news. While the country itself is not implementing any new COVID travel restrictions, those returning to…

Published on 02.02.2021


Puerto Vallarta Mexico Covid 2023 Updates - International Travel Restrictions

While it’s been months since Coronavirus warnings first made headlines, there’s still a new travel restrictions update almost every week, and if you’re planning to travel this year, it’s important to…

Published on 25.01.2021


Puerto Vallarta International Airport Receives ACI Health Accreditation

The Puerto Vallarta Mexico airport welcomes travelers from around the world to sunny days spent relaxing on the beach, strolling the charming downtown, and exploring the verdant jungles. Because it’s…

Published on 14.10.2020


Mexico Travel Advisory: Puerto Vallarta Open for Travel 2022

Puerto Vallarta Mexico is the quintessential beach vacation destination. Verdant mountains and rustling palms provide the perfect backdrop for a day laying out on the warm sands of Mexico’s west…

Published on 25.08.2020


Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta Receives the Safe Travels Stamp from the WTTC

Even as cities around the world reopen and Coronavirus statistics start to decline, lots of people are wondering is it safe to travel? One way that travelers can quickly and confidently find out about…

Published on 06.07.2020


Puerto Vallarta Receives WTTC Safe Travels Stamp

Puerto Vallarta has long been known as one of the safest Mexico destinations, but with the current Coronavirus pandemic, travel safety looks a little different. When people ask is it safe to travel…

Published on 30.06.2020


Health and Sanitation Program for Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta

It has been almost two months since the popular beachfront resort closed its doors to the public amid news of COVID-19, but now, after implementing a series of preventative measures and updating their…

Published on 22.05.2020


Villa del Palmar at Puerto Vallarta Obtains BBB Accreditation

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Villa del Palmar at Puerto Vallarta is committed to the BBB Code of Best Business Practices.  This week, Villa del Palmar at Puerto Vallarta announced its recent…

Published on 11.07.2019

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