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Puerto Vallarta International Airport Receives ACI Health Accreditation

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 14/10/2020
Optimizada puerto vallarta airport receives aci health accreditation

The Puerto Vallarta Mexico airport welcomes travelers from around the world to sunny days spent relaxing on the beach, strolling the charming downtown, and exploring the verdant jungles. Because it’s a major transportation hub at the center of the community, the Puerto Vallarta International Airport has a large responsibility when it comes to health and safety. When the Coronavirus began to impact that travel industry, travelers were asking “Is the Puerto Vallarta Airport open?”, and as the airport continued to receive flights, Puerto Vallarta airport news announced new sanitation measures and preventive protocols to protect the local community and international travelers. Because of their commitment to enforcing these rules, the Puerto Vallarta Mexico Airport has been recognized by the Airports Council International and received the ACI Health Accreditation.

The Airports Council International is dedicated to improving the aviation industry, from advising the laws that regulate airports to promoting the environmental sustainability of them. When COVID-19 threatened airports, the Airports Council International stepped up as a leader and created guidelines for preventive measures and protocols to enforce. These ACI airport guidelines align with the ACI Aviation Business Restart and Recovery guidelines and ICAO Council Aviation Restart Task Force. The ACI Airport Health Accreditation (AHA) program recognizes airports who are consistently implementing the highest standards of health and safety protocols. Being a part of the AHA program helps airports assure passengers that they’re in safe hands. 

When the pandemic started, many individuals asked “Is the Puerto Vallarta Airport open for travel?” While many aspects of their operations have changed due to COVID protocols, the Puerto Vallarta airport remains open. Government officials and airport employees have worked tirelessly to implement new sanitation procedures and social distancing measures this year, putting the safety of the community and all those who pass through the Puerto Vallarta International Airport first, even when it has required the airport to rearrange its physical layout and change its everyday operations and procedures. These protocols have been consistently enforced throughout the year, giving travelers confidence and earning their airport accreditation from the AHA program. This Puerto Vallarta airport news recognizes the community’s commitment to health and safety. 

The Puerto Vallarta Mexico airport isn’t the only part of the community that has received recognition for its commitment to health and safety. The city as a whole has received the Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council. Similarly to the AHA program, the Safe Travels Stamp recognizes destinations that are consistently enforcing protocols recommended by the World Travel and Tourism Council and by global health experts. As you make your plans to visit Puerto Vallarta, reading about resorts’ health and sanitation programs can help you determine the safest place for your vacation.

If you’ve been dreaming of burying your toes in the sand but have been wondering “Is the Puerto Vallarta Airport open and safe?”, the ACI Airport Health Accreditation can give you confidence in the protocols and procedures at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. However, safety largely depends on the choices of individual travelers and their willingness to adhere to guidelines. By following the latest Puerto Vallarta airport news and regulations, you and your family can enjoy safe and fun vacations on Mexico’s coast.

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