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Is Puerto vallarta Safe? - Crime Information and Safety Tips

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 20/01/2023
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We live in an era where people’s values are no longer as they used to be. Everywhere in the world, it is advisable to take precautions when talking to strangers or walking at night, as well as taking care of our personal belongings. It is best to avoid showing money or valuable items in public places to avoid attracting the attention of thieves. Following these simple safety tips can prevent you from having a bad time whether traveling at home or abroad.

On the other hand, news and social networks are increasingly full of violent acts, corruption, and crime in general. Although of course, the media tend to focus only on the negative because it sells. It is proven that the general public is more interested in tragedies, so when something bad happens, the media takes full advantage of it. You’re probably wondering, “is it safe to travel to Mexico right now?”

Crime in Puerto Vallarta

Although Mexico is reputed to be a country with high crime rates, in reality, major crime and violence are concentrated in certain areas of the country. In general, you can walk quietly in many cities and tourist destinations. Currently, there are no travel warnings that suggest it is unsafe to travel to Mexico right now.

Particularly, the rate of crime in Puerto Vallarta is very low. This international tourist destination is known as “the friendliest city in the world”, both for its friendly people and for how safe everyone feels. To bolster security in Puerto Vallarta, the city government leaders acquired 100 new patrol cars in August last year.

Added to this are the efforts of the Jalisco state police and the Mexican National Guard, who constantly support local authorities in patrolling the region to ensure public order. Still, it is advisable to follow the basic safety tips we mentioned at the beginning to minimize risks.

To corroborate this information, you can check out crime rate, cost of living, and Puerto Vallarta safety on the Numbeo website, which is based on the perception of real visitors who say how safe they feel in a place. And with these figures, you’ll find the answer to what people have been asking: is Puerto Vallarta safe in 2023? Well, of course, it is!

Safety Tips

As we told you, although it is safe to travel to Mexico right now, it is worth observing some precautions to ensure your safety when visiting Puerto Vallarta. Here we share a series of safety tips:

Do not talk to strangers outside of a safe environment: Yes, we all like to make friends during the holidays, but not anywhere is ideal for this. Airports, train stations, buses, and public roads are risky places to make friends. If someone is looking to break the ice here, stay alert. If you want to interact with the locals, wait to do so in safe spaces, such as your hotel or during an authorized tour. Crime in Puerto Vallarta is low, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Use official taxis or safe platforms: In Puerto Vallarta, taxis are yellow and white with their unit number and site number printed on the sides. For added safety, ask the staff of your hotel, restaurant, or business to ask for a taxi for you or request your transportation from a secure platform, such as Uber. Although Puerto Vallarta is proven to be safe in 2023, it is not a bad idea to take these precautions.

Don’t stay far away from the tourist areas: In Puerto Vallarta, the tourist strip stretches along the coast. There is a main avenue through which you can travel the entire shore of the bay from end to end. The hotels and main shops for tourism are mainly located between the beach and this avenue, and in some specific areas such as the center, the romantic zone, Marina Vallarta, and recently also in the Versalles community.

Try to walk in a group: When going out, try to do it in a group or at least with someone you know or trust, especially if it is at night. Puerto Vallarta is recognized as a safe place because you can walk in the street until late at night without any danger; nonetheless, we recommend using only authorized means of transport if you are going to travel short or long distances.

Finally, try not to stay immersed in your mobile phone if you are on public roads. The best thing you can do on the street is to be attentive to what is happening around you; there will be plenty of time to look at your cell phone when you arrive at your destination. Follow these simple safetytips to avoid travel mishaps or danger wherever you go.

Now, take advantage of the fact that there are no travel warnings in Puerto Vallarta so book your vacation with us now! We assure you that it is safe to travel to Mexico right now!

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