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Villa del palmar puerto vallarta el patron


How to Make a Tequila Sunrise - Two Minute Recipe!

Scientists believe that our brains are wired to make strong connections between emotions and taste, which is why sipping your favorite cocktail or biting into a delicious dish can bring back a host of…

Published on 27.03.2024


How to Eat Tacos Correctly Step-by-Step

Taco lovers, gather 'round! We're about to embark on a journey that will revolutionize your taco-eating game. From the first daring bite to the last morsel, we're here to show you how to eat a taco…

Published on 28.08.2023


Romantic Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Throughout the years, Puerto Vallarta has been known for its outstanding gastronomical offering. In this Mexican vacation destination, there is a wide variety of culinary options from different…

Published on 13.02.2023


Best Sports Bars in Puerto Vallarta

Fall brings about the beginning of a number of major sports seasons, leaving sports fanatics looking for everything from the best place to watch a football game to the coolest sports bars to catch the…

Published on 14.11.2022


Top 7 Best Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

The Puerto Vallarta restaurant scene is bursting with new flavors and dishes from around the world. While you’ll find plenty of authentic Mexican restaurants nearby your hotel, there’s also sushi…

Published on 05.05.2021


Where to Find the best Taco Spots in Puerto Vallarta

While the Puerto Vallarta food scene has grown to include cuisine from around the world, authentic Mexican tacos are still the highlight of any vacation here, and the best places to eat in Puerto…

Published on 29.03.2021


Stir Fry with Plant-Based Meat Recipe

A simple homemade stir fry recipe is perfect for a healthy dish bursting with flavors, whether you’re cooking for one or for the whole family. For vegetarians, vegans, or anyone looking to cut a…

Published on 08.06.2020


Traditional Margarita Recipe: How to Prepare a Margarita

Margaritas are one of the most popular cocktails, synonymous with summer afternoons, pool parties, and beach vacations. While you may not be able to get together with friends, you can still enjoy the…

Published on 08.05.2020


How to Make Chilorio

Exploring Mexican recipes in your own kitchen is a great way to discover new dishes and expand your palate. One of the best Mexican pork recipes is chilorio tacos. Every state in Mexico is famous for…

Published on 01.05.2020


Make your Own Piña Colada

With summer around the corner and vacation vibes on your mind, there’s nothing better than a homemade pina colada to help you relax. Learning how to make pina colada drinks will not only make you a…

Published on 01.05.2020


Healthy Dinner Recipes

For many families, dinnertime brings everyone together to talk about their days, laugh at inside jokes, and build family memories. However, the busyness of life and different schedules can make…

Published on 03.04.2020


Gastronomy of Puerto Vallarta: The Best Flavors of Mexico?

Mexico is famous around the world for its flavorful and spicy cuisine, and there’s no better place to explore the gastronomy of Mexico than Puerto Vallarta. On Mexico’s west coast, the best authentic…

Published on 21.02.2020


The 5 Best Seafood Dishes in Puerto Vallarta

One of the highlights of any Puerto Vallarta vacation is the food. Not only does the city cook up classic Mexican favorites, but here on the coast, fresh catches from the sea add unique flavors for…

Published on 12.12.2019


Mexican Aphrodisiacs to Try on Your Romantic Vacation for Two

Spice things up on the best romantic vacations with aphrodisiac foods. Instead of ordering a plate of greasy tacos and chugging a beer, learn what foods are aphrodisiacs and test them out yourself…

Published on 07.11.2019


Where to Find the Best Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

There’s nothing like the rich aromas and savory flavors of traditional Mexican dishes, and throughout Puerto Vallarta, you can sample delicious food that combines both classic recipes and modern…

Published on 21.08.2019


3 foods you won't want to miss in Vallarta

One of the many reasons travelers return to Puerto Vallarta Mexico over and over is the abundance of delicious traditional Mexican food found on almost every corner. From the smallest taco stand to…

Published on 15.08.2019


Beginner's Guide: Dining in Mexico

Mexican food is loved around the world; however, to try truly authentic Mexican cuisine, you’ll need to journey south of the border. Using food travel guides like this one, you’ll know what to eat in…

Published on 24.07.2019


Puerto Vallarta Food Tours

Some people travel to Mexico for the beaches, but others come for the authentic Mexican food in Puerto Vallarta. On your next trip to Mexico, go on a journey to discover the best food in Puerto…

Published on 18.05.2019


The Best Tacos in Puerto Vallarta

As you walk the cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta Mexico, the sizzling aromas of authentic Mexican food drift through the air on the ocean breeze. From sunrise until long after the sun goes down,…

Published on 19.02.2019


Eat like a local in Puerto Vallarta

World travelers return home bursting with stories of amazing sights, exciting tours, and mouthwatering local food. The incredible food in Puerto Vallarta ranges from exotic fruits to famous tacos, and…

Published on 19.02.2019


A Guide to the Puerto Vallarta Restaurants in the Romantic Zone

As you stroll the cobblestones street of the Romantic Zone in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find a world of charm and tradition. From bright banners gently waving over the streets to the warm glow from the…

Published on 16.08.2018

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