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3 foods you won't want to miss in Vallarta

DINING | Published on 15/08/2019
Mexican food

One of the many reasons travelers return to Puerto Vallarta Mexico over and over is the abundance of delicious traditional Mexican food found on almost every corner. From the smallest taco stand to the most well-known gourmet restaurants, sampling a variety of Mexican dishes is one of the most highly recommended things to do by any guide to Puerto Vallarta. While you can explore on your own, there are also several Vallarta food tours that will take you to hidden gems off the beaten path. As you seek out the best food in Puerto Vallarta, make sure you don’t miss out on these three authentic Mexican dishes. 

Al Pastor Tacos

Throughout the streets of Puerto Vallarta Mexico, local chefs pop open the doors of their taco stands, and the aromas of grilling meat mix into the ocean’s breeze. You can follow a guide to Puerto Vallarta to find high-quality street food, or you can wander downtown and check out spots where you see lots of people gathering to eat. One of the most highly recommended choices at a taco stand are al pastor tacos. The pork for these tacos in marinated in chiles, garlic, and fruit juices for a tropical flavor that can’t be beat. The meat is then roasted on a spit, and as the cook shaves off the meat, he’ll also top your tacos with pineapple. One of the best places in town to try this Mexican food is El Carboncito, where you’ll find locals and foreigners sharing a love for really good tacos. If you’re nervous about trying street food, join in with a group on Vallarta food tours to have the local experience or dine on these delicious tacos at your resort where you’ll discover the best food in Puerto Vallarta.

Pescado Zarandeado

No guide to Puerto Vallarta food would be complete without raving about the fresh seafood found throughout the city. Since Mexico is famous for its miles of coastline, it’s no surprise that traditional Mexican food in Puerto Vallarta commonly features fish, octopus, and shrimp. One of the best fresh seafood dishes to try on your beach vacation is pescado zarandeado. The fish is split in half from head to tail and marinated in chiles, soy sauce, lime juice, and seasonings before being grilled. While the bones are still in the fish, it’s easier to pick around them since the fish is already split. Even though it’s a staple in traditional Mexican food, the soy sauce and chiles hint at an Asian influence on the west coast of the country. While you’re here, take advantage of all the fresh seafood and grilled options as you soak up views of the sandy shores and crystal blue waters. 


The best food in Puerto Vallarta is served all day long, and chilaquiles are the perfect way to start your day. While most resorts and restaurants serve pancakes, yogurt, and fruit for breakfast, ordering Mexican dishes for breakfast is highly recommended. Chilaquiles are tortilla chips cooked in salsa, softening them and coating them in rich Mexican flavors. For breakfast in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, they are typically topped with eggs, queso fresco, and sour cream. If you’re looking for heartier Puerto Vallarta food to jumpstart your day of adventures, you can add chicken or steak to your dish. 

Whether you join in on Vallarta food tours or simply stop when you smell something delicious, putting these dishes on your Puerto Vallarta food tours is a must. They’re not only mouth-watering options, but they’ll also expose you to more of the local culture. Since there’s plenty of time to order hamburgers and pizza at home, let your vacation be filled with new experiences and authentic Mexican food.

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