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Mexican Aphrodisiacs to Try on Your Romantic Vacation for Two

DINING | Published on 07/11/2019
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Spice things up on the best romantic vacations with aphrodisiac foods. Instead of ordering a plate of greasy tacos and chugging a beer, learn what foods are aphrodisiacs and test them out yourself. Named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and pleasure, these aphrodisiac foods are said to lift your mood and increase sexual desire. Most of them are easily found in Mexico and also perfect for a romantic dinner. While some people may scoff at the idea of certain food really boosting sex drives, there’s no better opportunity than a vacation in Mexico to find out for yourself.

Red Wine

When you picture a romantic dinner, there’s usually a bottle of red wine on the table. Red wine not only calms your nerves, but the antioxidants increase blood flow and sexual energy. For one of the best romantic vacations in Mexico, try a tasting of the country’s red wines. While its primary growing area, the Valle de Guadalupe, isn’t as well-known as areas in France and Italy, Mexico is producing bottles that rival the best in the world. As you sample these flavors, remember to drink in moderation or else your night could end passed out early in bed.


One of the common ingredients in Mexican cooking is cocoa, and it’s no surprise that chocolate is both the classic Valentine’s Day gift and an aphrodisiac. Cocoa’s power even made it the currency in the ancient Aztec empire. Today, scientists have identified theobromine, phenylethylamine, and serotonin as the energy-boosting ingredients in chocolate. For a romantic dinner in Mexico, order a mole dish cooked with a savory chocolate sauce, or stop by a local chocolatier for a sweet after-dinner treat. 


Damiana is a native herb and one of the traditional ingredients in Mexican cooking, often brewed into teas and liquors. To have one of the best romantic vacations, stop by a local liquor store for a bottle of this sweet drink. Since ancient times, damiana has been used not just for sexual health but also as an antidepressant and digestive aid. It’s most famous for increasing sensitivity in erogenous areas of the body and even inspiring erotic dreams when drunk before bed.


When people search for what foods are aphrodisiacs, the most common answer is oysters. Oysters’ aphrodisiac properties have become legendary due to Casanova’s claim in his autobiography to have eaten 50 oysters for breakfast each day, powering his energy and sexual drive. For men, oysters’ aphrodisiac properties are zinc and amino acids, which can increase sperm and testosterone production. While oysters’ aphrodisiac fame may mostly be legend, sometimes just the idea of aphrodisiac foods can inspire romance.


One of the most famous ingredients in Mexican cooking is the avocado, beloved around the world for its rich creaminess. When it comes to what foods are aphrodisiacs, the ancient Aztecs were already associating avocados with sexuality and fertility. Today, scientists have discovered that vitamin E, beta carotene, and magnesium in avocados all promote sexual desires and activities. 

Each of these options will open your palate to the rich flavors of Mexican cuisine and open your heart to love. As you plan out your romantic getaway to Mexico, allow the lure of aphrodisiac foods to inspire intimacy. Whether the legends are true or not, you’ll at least of a classically romantic date night under the stars of Mexico.

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