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A Guide to the Puerto Vallarta Restaurants in the Romantic Zone

DINING | Published on 16/08/2018
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As you stroll the cobblestones street of the Romantic Zone in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find a world of charm and tradition. From bright banners gently waving over the streets to the warm glow from the kitchens of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find enchanting Mexican hospitality flowing through the neighborhood. The Romantic Zone is in the heart of Puerto Vallarta and home of some of the best Vallarta dining options. Puerto Vallarta restaurants in Old Town range from cozy traditional Mexican restaurants to international upscale dining and everything in between.

Mexican Restaurants

El Mole de Jovita is one of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta where you can try authentic mole, a sweet sauce made from combing up to 26 different ingredients, including chocolate, a process that can take a whole day. At El Mole de Jovita, you can try different versions of this classic sauce in meat and vegetarian dishes. Perhaps the most famous Mexican dish is tacos, and Tacos Revolución is one of the best restaurants to sample different meats and sauces wrapped inside homemade tortillas. From spicy pork to marinated steak, the tacos here are both classic and delicious, making Tacos Revolución one of the most popular Puerto Vallarta restaurants. Enjoy traditional tacos with a refreshingly cold Mexican beer at either of these authentic Puerto Vallarta restaurants.


There are plenty of bars and restaurants near Old Town Puerto Vallarta, but only two of them craft their own specialty beers. Los Muertos Brewing set up shop in Vallarta to introduce something new to beer consumers. Their seven signature beers and season specials keep customers coming back, especially when the ice-cold beer is paired with their large pizzas topped with goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, or spicy sausage. Monzón Brewing is new to the Vallarta dining scene. Monzón houses their brewery in the restaurant, so patrons can get a tour of the brewing process before sampling their speciality and seasonal beers at the bar and ordering classic pub favorites with a Mexican twist. For beer enthusiasts, these two Puerto Vallarta restaurants in Old Town are the place to go for a drink and eat from two of the best restaurants.

Ethnic Cuisine

The Puerto Vallarta restaurants in Old Town offer cuisine from around the world. Siam Cocina Thaiis open for dinner Tuesday-Sunday nights, serving authentic and market-fresh Thai food and specialty craft cocktails. Salads, noodles, curries, and soups fill the air with aromatic scents that will make your mouth water. Another Asian favorite in the Vallarta dining scene is Archies Wok, started by the personal chef to Hollywood director John Huston and Elizabeth Taylor. To this day, Archie’s family creates a stunning environment for guest to enjoy Asian-inspired dishes, from seafood to poultry to pastas. For more casual ethnic food, Jerusalem Express is a cozy shop serving the best of Middle-Eastern cuisine. Snack on homemade hummus before a meal of falafel or shawarma. The flavors at these restaurants near Old Town Puerto Vallarta will transport you around the world within the charm of Mexican hospitality.

Fine Dining

For upscale dining, Puerto Vallarta restaurants have plenty of options set in exquisite environments with innovative and flavorful dishes. Kaiser Maximilian brings the gourmet options of an Austrian bistro to the Romantic Zone. In the elegance of a European dining room, patrons can enjoy roasted duck breast or a leg of veal prepared with the finest spices and sauces. Nearby, Bravos is another one of the best restaurants with a popular dining room for gourmet food and special celebrations. Their juicy steaks are marinated in rich truffle, blueberry, and whiskey sauces. For those who don’t want a meaty dish, their plates like the Vegetarian Tower offer choice vegetables prepared as delicately as any other dish. Another one of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta is Tre Piatti, famous not only for its fine Italian dishes but for its unique environment that combines nature with upscale dining. Their decadent, classic Italian dishes are paired with fine wines from their extensive collection from around the world.

These restaurants near Old Town Puerto Vallarta combine the charm of Mexican hospitality with the deliciousness of fresh food. From tacos to duck, from breweries to bistros, the Romantic Zone is home to some of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.

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