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Where to Find the Best Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

DINING | Published on 21/08/2019
Optimizada incredible dining experiences

There’s nothing like the rich aromas and savory flavors of traditional Mexican dishes, and throughout Puerto Vallarta, you can sample delicious food that combines both classic recipes and modern culinary innovations. Served with fresh salsas and live music, the food here may end up being your favorite part of vacation. From street vendors to elegant dining rooms, here’s where you can go to find the best dining experiences in Puerto Vallarta. 

On the Streets

Some of the most delicious food in Puerto Vallarta is also the simplest. Locals know that you don’t need a white tablecloth or an ocean view to have the best dining experiences. As you walk through town, you’ll see crowds forming around the tacos stands every evening. Street food is an important part of Mexican cuisine, serving traditional homemade tacos and quesadillas without extra flairs or frills. Even if you’re eating gluten free, you can still enjoy traditional Mexican street food since corn tortillas aren’t made with wheat flour. If you see people enjoying tacos as the aroma of sizzling meat tantalizes you, stop and order a plate. 

Local Vallarta Restaurants

There’s always new Vallarta restaurants to discover, and some of the best are the local mom-and-pop restaurants. These hole-in-the-wall kitchens serve Mexican dishes using the same recipes the chef’s grandmother used for years. As you wander through the city’s cobblestone streets, stop and check out the menus when you smell the flavors and spices of delicious food drifting in the ocean breeze. To discover the local culinary scene, there are also food tours that will have you eating like a local at some of the best restaurants.

Restaurant Week

The best fine dining restaurants in town open their doors and create special menus during the city’s Restaurant Week. During these 3 ½ weeks of incredible dining experiences at the beginning of summer, the city celebrates both traditional Mexican food and culinary innovations. Even if you’re not in town during Restaurant Week, the list and menus of participating fine dining restaurants is a great way to discover the best places to eat and see a sample of their signature dishes. These spots can also cater to special diets, like vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free. Many of them also feature live music to accompany your meal and give you a romantic setting under the stars.

Resort Dining

Some of the greatest Vallarta restaurants are found exclusively in the city’s all-inclusive resorts. At your resort, you can dress up for the fine dining restaurants or stay casual while still enjoying delicious food made by the country’s top chefs. Most resorts have international options, like sushi bars and Italian restaurants, but Mexican cuisine will always be in the heart of each chef. Many resort restaurants also offer live music and evening entertainment, keeping kids entertained while parents relax and enjoy authentic Mexican dishes at the end of a full day of vacationing. Resort restaurants are also the perfect place to go to fit a special gluten free or vegan diet.

As you explore the culinary scene and sample a variety of Mexican cuisine in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll be broadening your palate and creating memories to savor. From the corner taco stand to the award-winning restaurants, the variety of dining options here is as rich and plentiful as the city’s authentic Mexican food.

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