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Healthy Dinner Recipes

DINING | Published on 03/04/2020
Optimizada healthy dinner for family

For many families, dinnertime brings everyone together to talk about their days, laugh at inside jokes, and build family memories. However, the busyness of life and different schedules can make dinnertime rushed. While it’s tempting to fall into a pattern of takeout boxes and frozen entrees, cooking up healthy dinner recipes for family meals brings everyone back around the table, and with healthy food recipes for kids, you’ll strengthen their immune systems and fuel them for the day ahead. Let these healthy dinner recipe ideas inspire you to create dishes that are both mouth-wateringly delicious and packed with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Main Dishes

Most healthy dinner recipes for family meals center around a main dish, and if you’re looking for something flavorful to mix things up, there’s a number of healthy Mexican chicken recipes to spice up your table. Many of these healthy Mexican chicken recipes are also incredibly easy healthy dinner recipes, requiring just chicken, salsa, taco seasoning, and a few other simple ingredients. Other healthy Mexican food recipes include sizzling fajitas with lean beef and grilled fish with flavorful spices. However, the main dish at your table doesn’t have to be meat. Veggie lasagnas, soups, and curries are hearty ways to pack extra nutrients into healthy food recipes for kids. The key to making these healthy dinner recipes to lose weight and fuel your family’s busy life is spices. Just a few unique dashes of cumin or smoked paprika can turn up the flavor in any healthy summer recipes for dinner.


Cooking up side dishes doesn’t have to add hours to your prep time in the kitchen. Steam up a bag of frozen veggies, and season them with a spice mix. Many grocery stores sell ready to serve salad mixes with chopped nuts, dried fruits, and goat cheese. You can also use healthy Mexican food recipes for a side. Elote, or Mexican street corn, is simply grilled corn topped with lime juice, chili powder, and cilantro. While most street vendors load the corn up with cheese and mayonnaise too, create your own healthy Mexican food recipes for elote by substituting these for a little scoop of cottage cheese or feta cheese. For one of the best easy healthy dinner recipes, set out an array of toppings, and let your family create their own elotes and tacos. 


Grains are a great way to make filling healthy summer recipes for dinner, but many people fear that healthy dinner recipes to lose weight should never include pastas or rice. While these grains should be done in moderation, there are many nutritious options for grains. Whole wheat pastas or noodles made from vegetables make easy healthy dinner recipes, and brown rice is a more nutritious option for many dishes. Many healthy dinner recipes to lose weight include more traditional grains, like couscous and quinoa. 


To keep your family around the table enjoying healthy dinner recipes for family time, whip up a simple and nutritious dessert. There’s few sweeter healthy summer recipes for dinner and dessert than a bowl of fresh berries and a little whipped cream, Greek yogurt, or icy sorbet. You can also find a number of sweet and healthy food recipes for kids made with dates instead of oils and sugars. These healthy dinner recipe ideas will keep everyone sitting and talking around the table just a little longer in the evenings. 

Whether you’re simmering healthy Mexican chicken recipes on the stove or topping sorbet with summer berries, creating a nutritious dinner for your family isn’t just about taking care of the immune system and wellbeing. These healthy dinner recipe ideas will bring everyone together at the end of a busy day to laugh and relax together, building priceless family memories.

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