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The True Meaning about the Day of the Dead in Mexico

Of all the holidays celebrated in Mexico, the Day of the Dead festival is perhaps the most iconic. When most people around the world picture Day of the Dead in Mexico, they only imagine the detailed…

Published on 19.10.2020


What is a 'Workation'? - The Benefits of Combining Work and Vacations

Working on vacation used to be a major faux pas, and it meant that you were an aggressive workaholic, but now that many jobs have moved online, taking a workation may be just the thing to switch…

Published on 11.09.2020


Tips to Reschedule Your Vacation and Save Money

Summer vacations are starting to resume now that many destinations are seeing significant drops in Coronavirus cases, but to get to this point, travelers around the world had to figure out how to…

Published on 17.07.2020


How to Make a Pencil Holder

As homework piles up and toys get thrown around, helping your kids learn how to make a cool pencil holder is one of the best ways to encourage them to stay organized. With this DIY tiger pencil…

Published on 08.05.2020


Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta During Holy Week 2020

With schools on spring break and time off work for the holidays, many families will spend their Holy Week vacation in Puerto Vallarta, enjoying the beauty of the outdoors while commemorating this…

Published on 27.03.2020


The Importance of Using Your Time Off for Vacations

In the modern world where busyness is praised, many people worry that taking time off of work and traveling will set them back professionally. However, the benefits of taking time off from work will…

Published on 09.01.2020


New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas for Your Puerto Vallarta Vacation

The countdown to Puerto Vallarta New Year’s Eve 2020 is on, and as resorts and clubs prep for one last fiesta in 2019, it’s time to pack something to get all dolled up in for the party. One of the New…

Published on 31.12.2019


Taking vacation photos on your phone: the do's and don’ts

Summer vacation photos are some of the most special souvenirs that last long after the tan lines fade. Knowing how to take great vacation photos will preserve your memories in beautiful snapshots to…

Published on 06.08.2019


8 Rules for Traveling with Children

Whether this is your first family vacation or the hundreth, these tips for how to travel with children are both priceless and important. Each and every one of these vacation tips is meant to ensure…

Published on 23.07.2019


Vallarta Vacations on a Budget

Vallarta vacations are a popular choice for a quick getaway to a city bursting with warm Mexican culture and traditional charm. While taking family vacations on a budget may sound impossible, figuring…

Published on 12.04.2019


Playing Tennis in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

With sunny blue skies and a fresh ocean breeze, Puerto Vallarta is the ideal city to spend a day outside playing tennis. Featuring an international Puerto Vallarta tennis tournament and friendly…

Published on 20.11.2018


What to Do in Puerto Vallarta on Your Family Vacation

Family vacations are a highlight in a child’s memory as you can spend time together, discover the world around you, and experience new things away from home. A Mexico family vacation is one of the…

Published on 04.10.2018


Properly Packing for Your Puerto Vallarta Vacations

Whether you’re a world traveler or a first-time guest to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, it’s important to use a travel checklist to make sure you have all the essential items in your suitcase before…

Published on 14.07.2018


Family Program at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta

Family vacations offer the chance to create lifelong memories that your children will cherish forever. For parents, family vacations shouldn’t be a stressful event. That’s where Villa del Palmar…

Published on 21.04.2018

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