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A Weekend in Puerto Vallarta

LIFESTYLE | Published on 16/07/2019
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Puerto Vallarta is one of the hottest destinations in Mexico where the mountains meet the sea and traditional charm meets modern luxuries. While you could spend weeks exploring its beauty, sometimes a quick weekend in Puerto Vallarta is the best option to get a taste of paradise. Taking time from your busy schedule to care for yourself, indulge in tasty treats, and travel the world can be physically and mentally healing. To make the most of your trip, try a little of each of these things to do in Puerto Vallarta for a magical weekend.

Explore Puerto Vallarta

Once you’ve settled into your Puerto Vallarta hotel, it’s time to hit the cobblestone streets to check out the iconic and idyllic sights of the city. If you are looking for what to do in Puerto Vallarta, the best place to start exploring is the north end of the Malecon boardwalk, and because Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest cities in Mexico, you can meander through town easily, sticking to the tourist area near the sea. Along the Malecon boardwalk, you’ll spot lifesize statues, local markets, and a variety of bars and restaurants where you can stop to cool off. Halfway along the mile-long Malecon is the iconic Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, crowned in splendor and filled with artistic beauty. After stopping to snap some photos, one of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta is to duck down onto the nearby Rio Cuale island to cool off under lush palms and escape the crowds.

Sample Authentic Mexican Cuisine

When you only have a weekend in Puerto Vallarta, skip the burgers and fries and opt for sizzling tacos and fresh guacamole. Whether you’re out to eat or at an all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta, it’s time to get your fill of authentic Mexican food. You’re probably familiar with several options, like tacos and quesadillas, but trying something new or asking your waiter for a recommendation will broaden your palate and give you a better taste of Mexican culture. For a truly local experience, one of the tastiest things to do in Puerto Vallarta is to eat at a street taco stand. Choose one where lots of other people are eating and try a sample of different tacos. Once you’ve finished, you’ll pay the cashier and leave with happy taste buds and a full stomach. This is by far one of the best activities for those looking for what to do in Puerto Vallarta.

Explore The Sea

The siren call of the sea beckons travelers from around the globe to the sunny shores of Puerto Vallarta. There are lots of activities and things to do in Puerto Vallarta along the shores and out at sea. During a quick weekend trip, it’s easy to make time to lounge on the beach with a good book or take a stroll at sunset. If you want to experience more of the sea, many companies offer a variety of tours, including luxury sunset cruises, snorkeling adventures, and whale watching trips. No matter what you do, witnessing the vast majesty of the ocean is a powerful experience not to be missed or taken for granted.

Enjoy The Nightlife

When the sun goes down at the end of a busy week, the Puerto Vallarta nightlife heats up. No matter what your nightlife tastes are, you can enjoy a night of drinks, dancing, and music in the city. For a laidback night, local bars and breweries offer trivia nights and live music as you sit and enjoy a craft cocktail or beer. If you brought your dancing shoes, Mandala and La Santa are two of the hottest clubs that offer all the glamor of a big city with light shows and live DJs. At the end of your night, a taxi or Uber will get you safely back to your resort. 

With a little of each of these things, your weekend in Puerto Vallarta will give you the perfect taste of the city. However, when you are looking for what to do in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll quickly find that three days may not be enough and you’ll probably leave wanting a little more. Returning to the paradisiacal shores of Puerto Vallarta once again will likely be among the best decisions you make. 

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