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Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta During Holy Week

LIFESTYLE | Published on 27/03/2020
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With schools on spring break and time off work for the holidays, many families will spend their Holy Week vacation in Puerto Vallarta, enjoying the beauty of the outdoors while commemorating this religious time. As the spring temperatures start to warm up, citizens from across the country and travelers from abroad will be arriving soon on the sunny shores of the Bay of Banderas to relax and unwind for a Holy Week getaway. While the city will be filled with travelers, you can still enjoy all the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta that make this time of year meaningful.

Good Friday on the Malecon

For where to go in Holy Week or on any Vallarta vacation, the Malecon is a central spot for activities. This mile-long boardwalk is lined with restaurants and shops that look out over the sparkling bay. As Puerto Vallarta Easter approaches, you’ll start to see the Catholic stations of the cross posted along the boardwalk for one of the main Holy Week events. On Good Friday during Holy Week, a group of local church members will create a live performance of Jesus’ trial and persecution that moves through each station. If you’re out on the Malecon on Good Friday during your Holy Week vacation, you’ll probably see the group in the morning. For many people, this is a very sacred and somber day, and while you may take pictures, please remember to be respectful during Holy Week in Mexico.

Sunday Services

At the center of the Holy Week vacation is Easter Sunday, and around the world Christians will gather to celebrate the holiday. For many, the Holy Week events culminate with a Sunday morning service, and because there’s a number of international residents in the city, there’s also a couple options for where to go in Holy Week to attend Puerto Vallarta Easter services in English. The iconic crowded cathedral in Puerto Vallarta, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish holds English mass at 4pm every Saturday and bilingual services at 10am on Sundays. On any given Sunday, the church fills quickly, so be sure to arrive early for Puerto Vallarta Easter . There’s also an Anglican church in town with services primarily in English on Sundays at 10am. These are both excellent options for where to go in Holy Week to celebrate the religious holidays.

Celebrating Spring

Easter is a time of year that celebrates new life and the arrival of spring, and some of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta show off the beauty of the great outdoors. To make your Holy Week getaway memorable, add some adventure to your trip, like hiking, surfing, and paddleboarding, or slow down with a walk along the beach. Holy Week in Mexico is about enjoying the natural beauty around you and spending time with those you love. For families, outdoor ziplining tours and snorkeling adventures at Los Arcos are some of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta that will make Holy Week the vacation of a lifetime. With pleasant temperatures and clear skies, Puerto Vallarta should be your choice for a Holy Week getaway.

Whether you experience the religious Holy Week events or spend your time outside, being with your loved ones is what makes this time so special. Throughout Holy Week in Mexico, families will be coming together to share food and dreams for the coming year. Experiencing this wonderful culture will make your Holy Week one you’ll never forget.

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