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Family Vacation Ideas for Christmas Travel

LIFESTYLE | Published on 07/11/2019
Optimizada family christmas vacation

While the holidays may feel like the busiest time of the year, it’s also the perfect chance to whisk your family away for a tropical vacation. Trying out new Christmas dinner ideas and experiencing a foreign culture will put a little magic into your holidays. The family Christmas vacation ideas are endless, but no matter how you spend your time, you’ll be filled with gratitude for the opportunity to play and relax with your kids. As you start to browse Christmas vacation ideas 2020, let these tips inspire your holidays.

Give Experiences Instead of Material Gifts

As our lives become more saturated with stuff, sometimes giving your kids a pile of gifts can feel meaningless, especially when you notice they’re no longer playing with those toys after a month. One of the best family Christmas vacation ideas is to give experiences rather than material gifts. Instead of opening a store catalog, choose Christmas vacation gift ideas, such as tours and activities in your destination. Having everyone take a turn playing travel planner is one of the best Christmas ideas for kids. Letting each member of your family choose a special treat won’t just make everyone happy, but Christmas vacation gift ideas like this will make your holiday memorable for years to come.

Experience the Holidays in Another Culture

When it comes to choosing a destination, one of the best Christmas vacation ideas 2020 is to expose your kids to another culture, to experience how other people around the world celebrate the holidays. With vibrant decorations, festive holidays, and savory Christmas food ideas, Mexico is a popular getaway during the holidays. Heading downtown for Christmas processionals and trying Mexican hot chocolate and romeritos gives you a taste of the local culture. Instead of ordering traditional ham, let this year’s Christmas dinner ideas feature the flavors of another culture.

Breathe in the Warm, Fresh Air

Taking a beach holiday is one of the top family Christmas vacation ideas to escape the cold winter winds. Spending time outside lifts your spirits, provides your body with vitamin D, and fills your lungs with fresh air. Instead of laying on the couch watching ball games and parades, building sandcastles on the beach and exploring the great outdoors are the best Christmas ideas for kids. Including beach toys, swimsuits, hats, sunglasses, or a new towel in their stockings are the perfect Christmas vacation gift ideas.

Create New Traditions

While this may be the first time pozole and tacos have been Christmas dinner ideas for your family, it may not be the last. Even when you’re home, your Christmas food ideas can be flavored with the spices of Mexico. Establishing traditions that you can take home with you will help your memories live on into the future. While you might not be able to return to Mexico every year, taking a walk outside as a family on Christmas morning or giving experiences as gifts can happen anywhere you are. 

Bringing home new Christmas food ideas and priceless memories is better than a pile of toys and clothes under the tree. Instead of going to a shopping mall to browse Christmas ideas for kids, open up a map, and set your sights on an exotic location. As these tips inspire your own Christmas vacation ideas 2020, start making plans today.

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