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8 Rules for Traveling with Children

LIFESTYLE | Published on 23/07/2019
Optimizada 8 rules for traveling with children

Whether this is your first family vacation or the hundreth, these tips for how to travel with children are both priceless and important. Each and every one of these vacation tips is meant to ensure you and your loved ones have the best time on your upcoming vacation. From tips for flying with kids to travel ideas for kids with distinct tastes, you’ll find a few good reminders and some not so obvious things to keep in mind when you head out on your family vacations. While trips for kids can be extremely entertaining, it is not uncommon to hit a few bumps along the way. Use these family travel tips and avoid undesirable hiccups along the way. 

    1. Choose established family vacation destinations. There is nothing worse than traveling with kids who have nothing to do. Before you choose your family vacation destination, do your research. The city you choose should have a wealth of well-established activities for children of all ages or it might not be the best place for your family vacations. Whether its a resort with a Kids Club, a slew of adventures that they can partake in, or a list of onsite activities, kid vacation ideas are a necessity.

    2. Don’t over-schedule your time when you are traveling with kids. There are a ton of tips for how to travel with children, but one of the best is not overwhelming them with a full schedule of activities day in and day out. Much like adults, kids like downtime and the ability to go with the flow. If you schedule every minute of your family vacations ahead of time, you might miss out on opportunities to play in the sand, relax with your children, or spend more time doing something they have come to love. While not over-planning is one of the best family travel tips, having some pre-scheduled activities is a good idea. 

    3. Trips for kids go best when they know what to expect when they arrive. Keep them informed and get their opinion about what they want to do. Not surprising, some of the best travel ideas for kids come from kids themselves. If your kids are old enough, ask them to research the destination before you arrive so they can get an idea of what they’d like to do, or if they are younger, show them a few kid vacation ideas you think they’ll love. Not only will you get them excited about your upcoming travel, but you’ll also learn a great deal about what they might love to do, what they might be afraid to try, and you might even inspire them to give you more kid vacation ideas that will make your trip amazing and memorable.

    4. Have snacks readily available on the flight, during your trip, and in the middle of the night. There is nothing worse than traveling with kids who are hungry or who don’t like anything on the menu. While bringing snacks on the plane is one of the greatest tips for flying with kids, parents often forget that when traveling somewhere new, you might not find the snacks your kids are used to or are willing to try. Packing a few light snacks for the plane, in between long days exploring your destination, or in the middle of the night when they wake up excited about what the next day has to bring, is always a good idea.

    5. Include a few small toys, books, and coloring books in your packing. When you are figuring out how to travel with children, you’ll quickly learn that being prepared to entertain your kids at a moments notice is one of the most valuable vacation tips. Whether your sitting on the plane, lounging in your resort suite, or relaxing by the pool, having something for your kids to do during your downtime will make quiet time more enjoyable for everyone. Depending on their age, trips for kids turn out best when they have something to do that they are both familiar with and enjoy, such as reading a book, playing with their favorite toy, or coloring. 

    6. Give your child a camera. If you are looking for unique travel ideas for kids, give them a camera and allow them to record their best memories of your family vacations. While you may not get the best family portraits, you will get a ton of unique shots that capture what they enjoyed most about your family vacation. It’s also a great way to keep your kids entertained throughout the day while you get some well-deserved downtime.

    7. Be prepared for the plane. Tips for flying with kids include everything from having something for them to do on the flight that isn’t loud to bringing along something for them to chew in case their ears begin to pop. If your kids are old enough, put a pack of gum or a sucker in their carry-on. If not, bring a pacifier, bottle, or breastfeed to help small children equalize their ears.

    8. Make sure all your documentation is in order. While it may sound obvious, the best lists with family travel tips will always include ensuring your passports are valid, letters of consent (if both parents aren’t traveling with the children) are written and notarized, and your boarding passes are printed for everyone going on the trip. If you are traveling with infants, making sure their infant ticket is secured is also an extremely important tip for flying with kids. Many airlines require you to call in to notify them that an infant will be traveling in your lap and if you are traveling internationally, there is a fee that needs to be paid even if your child doesn’t have their own seat. Ensuring all these details have been taken care of before your family vacations begin is essential to an ease-free vacation.

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