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How to Make a Pencil Holder

LIFESTYLE | Published on 08/05/2020
Optimizada how to make a pencil holder

As homework piles up and toys get thrown around, helping your kids learn how to make a cool pencil holder is one of the best ways to encourage them to stay organized. With this DIY tiger pencil holder, they’ll have a cute place to stash their art supplies. These are also great instructions for how to make a recycled pencil holder, reusing materials that would have gone to a landfill. With these instructions for an easy to make pencil holder, you’ll get to spend time together as a family trying out a new craft project.

As you settle in with your materials to get crafty and learn how to make a homemade pencil holder, remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Part of the fun for kids learning how to make a cool pencil holder is doing it on their own. While you can aim to have a DIY colored pencil holder like the one in the video, don’t stress about perfection. If your child wants to give their DIY tiger pencil holder three eyes or to paint it purple, help them express their creativity. Having a DIY pencil holder that’s all their own will make them proud to pick up their coloring pencils and scissors at the end during clean up.

Materials for your DIY Tiger Pencil Holder

  • White, black, and orange paint

  • Orange foam sheet

  • Pink foam sheet

  • 1 tube from an industrialize size toilet paper roll

  • Cardboard

  • Silicon or glue

  • Thick paint brush

  • Thin paint brush

  • Black pen

  • Googly eyes

Directions for How to Make a Recycled Pencil Holder

  • The first step for this easy to make pencil holder is to cut out a cardboard circle the same size as the diameter of the toilet paper tube to be the base. Glue this circle to the bottom of the tube to form the main body of the DIY colored pencil holder. 

  • With the thick paint brush, paint the outside and base of your DIY pencil holder orange.

  • While it dries, you can cut the orange foam into semi-circles for paws, a long strip for the tail, and triangles for ears. You can use the black pen and the thin paint brush to add on details that will make your DIY pencil holder look extra cute.

  • Once the orange paint has dried, use the thick brush to paint your tiger’s mouth on the tube.

  • Cut a small circle of pink foam to glue on as the tiger’s nose.

  • You can then glue all the details onto this easy to make pencil holder. Put the eyes just above the mouth, and glue the paws on below the mouth. The ears and tail can now be glued on as well.

  • The last step for how to make a homemade pencil holder is to use the thin brush to paint eyebrows and whiskers on the face, and large triangles on the side will give the appearance of stripes to make this DIY colored pencil holder really look like a jungle tiger.

One of the best tips to keep in mind as you first learn how to make a recycled pencil holder is to give everything time to dry before moving to the next step. If you move on too soon, your project will smudge, and you’ll have to start over, using extra materials.

Remember, the goal of learning how to make a homemade pencil holder with kids isn’t perfection. Sometimes, the goal is just keeping kids busy or letting them get creative. As they experiment with learning how to make a cool pencil holder, they’ll learn a new craft and have a special place to put their art materials when it’s clean-up time.

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