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What to pack for a trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico

LIFESTYLE | Published on 14/12/2018
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As the excitement builds and it gets closer to your vacation, it’s time to start thinking about what to pack for Puerto Vallarta travel. For some, figuring out what to pack for a family trip or your Puerto Vallarta vacations can be stressful as you fret over what to bring and what not to bring to Mexico. For others, packing is focused on what will fit in a carry-on bag or weigh under a certain limit. No matter how you feel about packing for vacation, these tips for travelers and packing tips for Puerto Vallarta will help you prepare a travel checklist and make sure you have all the essential items packed before boarding your plane to the paradise of Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Savvy travelers know one of the best packing tips for Puerto Vallarta is to create a travel checklist of everything you need on vacation. The more detailed your packing list for vacation in mexico is, the less likely you are to overpack or find you’ve forgotten something. Think through the number of days you’ll be on vacation and the types of activities you’ll be doing to plan your Puerto Vallarta packing list items, which include clothes, toiletries, medications, and other necessities like books, sunglasses, and chargers. To complete this travel checklist, consider the following packing tips for Puerto Vallarta for what to bring on your Mexico vacations.

One of the essentials for Puerto Vallarta vacations is beachwear. Whether you plan on spending your days by the pool or by the sea, bringing at least two swimsuits is one of the best tips for those trying to decide what to pack for Puerto Vallarta since having two will give one the chance to dry out completely from a morning swim while you wear another for an afternoon of lounging by the pool. You’ll also want to pack a coverup for walking between your hotel room to the beach. This can be a simple oversized t-shirt or a trendy sarong wrap. To finish your packing list for vacation in Mexico, include shoes for use by the pool, sunglasses, and a hat.

Jungle tours are a popular choice on Puerto Vallarta vacations, so whether you are planning to trek up the mountains to zipline or are dreaming of racing on an ATV over rugged trails, put comfortable clothes and shoes that can get a little dusty and muddy on your travel checklist. One of the packing tips for Puerto Vallarta that will make traveling back home easier is to include a couple plastic shopping bags to throw dirty clothes and shoes into so that they don’t rub against other items.

One of the Mexico travel tips you should know is that the outlets in the country do not require a converter for electronics from the US or Canada. So save yourself the money and know that a converter should be on your list of what not to bring to Mexico. While you don’t want to forget your phone or camera chargers, rest easy if you do because most of the corner convenience stores sell a variety of chargers for a couple dollars. Even if you follow all the Mexico travel tips, you may forget something, but Puerto Vallarta is a very modern city with many shops, including multiple Walmarts and Mexican grocery store chains, where you can purchase the toiletries, clothing, and any items you may need.

Some who travel to Puerto Vallarta opt for the simplicity of only packing in a carry-on bag, which will help them avoid losing baggage or waiting for their bags at the airport. One of the most important tips for travellers who only use carry-on luggage is to double check that your liquids are in containers smaller than 3.4 ounces and in a quart-sized bag. As you travel to Puerto Vallarta, make sure any items that you’ll want on the plane, like a book or small snack, are somewhere you can easily access them in your bag. You can even put certain toiletry items, like shampoo, conditioner, and sunscreen on your list of what not to bring to Mexico, because they can easily be acquired when you arrive, making it easier to fit all your stuff into one carry-on bag if you would like.

Following these travel tips will help you to create a packing list for vacation in Mexico and to avoid overpacking, which will leave you room to carry home the perfect one-of-a-kind souvenirs to help you remember Puerto Vallarta Mexico. If you still have questions about what to pack for a family trip, think about the most essential items you have at home. If you can’t live without it, bring it along. If you can do without something for a day or a week, leave it off your packing list for vacation in Mexico. When you arrive in this beautiful country with everything you need, you’ll be ready to hit the beach, explore the mountains, and enjoy relaxing in the stunning natural environment that makes Puerto Vallarta paradise.

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