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Ways to Stay Safe During your Vacations

LIFESTYLE | Published on 18/09/2020
Optimizada family vacation safety tips

There are so many things to look forward to on vacation as a week of lazy mornings and new activities lie before you. While you’re busy thinking about what to pack and which tours to book, it’s important to also research how to stay safe on vacation so that you’re prepared for whatever happens. Even though thousands of families enjoy safe Mexico vacations every week, trouble can strike at any time and in any place, so becoming familiar with this travel safety guide will make you feel confident and comfortable as you travel.

How to Keep Your Home Safe

What a general travel safety guide may fail to remind you of how to keep your home safe and secure while you’re gone. After safe Mexico vacations, no one wants to return home to a mess.

  • Let trusted neighbors know your travel plans, when you’ll be gone and for how long, so that they can note any suspicious activity around your house during this time.

  • Arrange to have your mail and newspapers held for you. When there’s no evidence that you aren’t home lying on your front door step, your house will likely stay safe in your absence.

  • If you’re going to be gone for longer than a week, have someone help you with your yardwork. This way, your home won’t seem so empty while you’re off enjoying safe Mexico vacations.

How to Stay Safe from Coronavirus

Today, the Coronavirus is one of the biggest concerns for travelers, and while there are still many unknowns about the virus, there are several family vacation safety tips for how to stay safe from Coronavirus. 

  • Research your destination before booking flights and hotels. It’s important to know what precautions cities and resorts are taking, and you can also look at the overall number of cases where you’re going.

  • One of the top travel safety tips right now is to carry hand sanitizer with you wherever you go. Take a travel-sized container on the plane, and tuck it in your bag when you head out of your hotel. While washing your hands is always the preferred option, having antibacterial gel will help you stay safe wherever you go.

  • Wearing a mask is key for how to stay safe from Coronavirus, and it’s just as important to keep it clean. One of the easiest travel safety tips for this is to carry a small ziplock bag for storing your mask so that it’s not just rolling around in your purse. If you take multiple masks with you, you’ll be able to regularly use a fresh one.

How to Stay Safe on Vacation

  • Protecting Your Valuables

    • One thing almost any travel safety guide will warn you about is petty theft in tourist areas. Because travelers are often suspected of carrying around large sums of cash, it’s important to carry your wallet in a front pocket or to use a purse with a zipper. When it’s time to pay, keeping your money concealed without flashing it will make you less of a target.

    • Keeping your valuables locked in your resort safe is also one of the top travel safety tips. Passports, expensive watches, and precious jewelry should stay here while you’re out and about.

  • Protecting Your Children

    • One of the best family vacation safety tips is to make sure your kids know how to contact you in case they get lost. Help them learn how to identify a responsible adult, and teach them the name of the resort you’ll be staying at. 

    • To help your kids stay safe make sure they each bring a few child-sized masks with them on vacation and encourage them to wash their hands whenever possible. 

    • Never leave your children alone by the pool or swimming at the beach. Even strong swimmers can struggle with the push and pull of the waves or with fatigue after long days in the sun.

  • Protecting Your Health

    • Wearing plenty of sunscreen is one of the family vacation safety tips you don’t want to forget. Apply a minimum of 30 SPF sunblock every two hours when you’re out on the beach or by the pool, and if you do so, you won’t be stuck inside the next day nursing a sunburn.

    • Staying hydrated can help solve a variety of problems, and if you’re enjoying cold beers and icy margaritas, it’s extra important to drink plenty of water. When you’re hydrated, you’re less likely to feel sick, allowing you to pay attention to your surroundings and make wise choices easier.

You can never be too careful when it comes to your health, valuables, and loved ones, and when you’re in an unfamiliar destination, it’s important to use common sense and follow safety tips. While trouble can happen at any time in any place, these tips for how to stay safe on vacationwill help you be prepared for whatever lies ahead.

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