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Discover the Vibrant Weather of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, a tourist favorite among the top Mexican destinations, boasts a captivating blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and enticing weather. Whether you're drawn to its golden beaches…

Published on 14.02.2024


Magic of Puerto Vallarta: 4th Best Small City in 2023 Condé Nast Awards

In a thrilling triumph for the vibrant coastal town of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has been named one of the Best Small Cities Worldwide by Condé Nast in the 2023 Readers' Choice Awards, securing an…

Published on 07.11.2023


Is Hurricane Season Safe in Puerto Vallarta?

When planning a trip to the stunning coastal paradise of Puerto Vallarta, it's essential to be aware of the Puerto Vallarta hurricane season and the potential risks associated with it. While Puerto…

Published on 09.10.2023


Celebrate the Flavors and Traditions of Mexico at The Taste of Mexico Culinary Festival

Indulge your senses and embark on a culinary adventure as The Villa Group Resorts proudly present the second annual Taste of Mexico festival in honor of Mexico’s Independence Day. This extraordinary…

Published on 07.07.2023


Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta at Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards 2023 - VOTE NOW!

At The Villa Group Resorts, we are deeply honored to participate in esteemed awards like the Condé Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards. This recognition symbolizes our commitment to providing our…

Published on 19.05.2023


Villa del Palmar Vallarta Revalidates Preverisk Certificates

In the hospitality industry, maintaining top-tier standards for health and safety is more than just a requirement, it's a testament to a brand's commitment to its guests. For 13 years, The Villa…

Published on 03.05.2023


Chinese New Year 2023

Did you know that Chinese New Year 2023 was celebrated on January 22? Many people outside the Asian continent know little to nothing about Asian traditions. Only those with a keen interest in Chinese…

Published on 26.01.2023


Tree lighting and Christmas Celebrations at Villa del Palmar

If you asked anyone, they’d say Christmas is one of the best seasons of the year! As a matter of fact, quite a lot of people consider it to be their favorite holiday. But what makes Christmas such a…

Published on 01.12.2022


The Tallest Calavera Catrina in the world for the Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta

The Mexican traditions of the Day of the Dead are so exceptional that even Pixar made a film in honor of them. And recently, the tallest Calavera Catrina in the world for the Day of the Dead in Puerto…

Published on 09.11.2022


Breast Cancer Month: The Gravity of the Situation and the Importance of Awareness

The pink ribbon of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is recognized around the world, and while it should be a major talking point in communities across the globe, there are still millions of women who…

Published on 10.10.2022


Puerto Vallarta Weather - The Myths About Rainy Season

Puerto Vallarta weather beckons visitors all year to come enjoy the warm sand and cool breezes. In the blue sky that stretches from the ocean’s horizon to the top of the mountains, the sun drifts over…

Published on 15.09.2022


Spend a Great Day Playing Pickleball in Puerto Vallarta

Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta has upped the ante on an already amazing vacation experience by adding outdoor pickleball courts to their extensive list of resort activities. The new pickleball…

Published on 05.08.2022


Happy National Tequila Day!

This July 24th, people all over will be breaking out their shot glasses, lime, and salt in celebration of National Tequila Day, an unofficial American holiday meant to honor one of the oldest spirits…

Published on 20.07.2022


Puerto Vallarta Weather, Time and Hurricane Season

The local weather forecast in Puerto Vallarta typically shows warm temperatures and clear skies, but like all cities across the world, the Puerto Vallarta weather changes with the seasons. Most…

Published on 17.06.2022


What can I use my Resort Credits for?

Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta continues to offer resort credits with our all inclusive vacation packages to allow guests to upgrade their experiences while saving money. What is resort credit, you…

Published on 27.05.2022


Happy Anniversary Puerto Vallarta! More than 100 Years of History

Despite the city’s international fame, you can still feel Puerto Vallarta’s rich history and unique culture as you stroll down cobblestone streets and up narrow alleys around the city’s plaza. For…

Published on 20.05.2022


Facts You Didn't Know About Cinco Mayo

Throughout the US, most people have heard of the holiday Cinco de Mayo, which in Spanish means May 5th. To many, it’s a day to eat tacos and sip margaritas, and while authentic Mexican food is always…

Published on 04.05.2022


Puerto Vallarta Beach Receives Clean Beach Certificate

One of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta, Playa Holi, just received recertification as a Clean Beach from the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification (IMNC). In a special event held…

Published on 02.05.2022


The Villa Group Opens its Fourth Hotel in Los Cabos: Villa La Valencia

Villa La Valencia Los Cabos, the newest addition to The Villa Group Resorts family. This luxury hotel is already earning a reputation as one of the top Los Cabos all inclusive resorts, offering…

Published on 18.02.2022


Whale Watching Season in Puerto Vallarta 2022 - 2023

For many travelers, winter is the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta, giving them a chance to trade their coats and scarves for shorts and sandals, and the visitors to the city also include migratory…

Published on 10.01.2022


How to Take Advantage of Travel Offers on Black Friday

There are countless advantages to shopping around during a Black Friday sale, but many businesses are starting to put out even better sales beforehand so that customers don’t feel rushed to make…

Published on 19.11.2021


Most Active Hurricane Season in Puerto Vallarta

When you think of Puerto Vallarta weather, you’re probably dreaming of the sun sparkling on ocean waves and the touch of the tropical breeze, but like most of the world, the city experiences different…

Published on 27.08.2021


Unique Experiences you Must Have on your Vacation in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

With hidden beaches peeking out from verdant jungles and the ocean breeze carrying the scent of freshly grilled seafood along cobblestone streets, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a traveler’s paradise…

Published on 05.08.2021


New Flights to Puerto Vallarta from Spirit Airlines in July

Travelers from around the world love escaping to the tropical beaches and quiet streets of Puerto Vallarta, and with new Spirit Airlines flights, jetting off to this gorgeous destination is quick and…

Published on 27.04.2021


What 's New at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta?

For decades, Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa has been one of the top optional all inclusive resorts in Puerto Vallarta, pleasing guests with superb service, an idyllic location close to the heart…

Published on 04.03.2021


Villa del Mar Puerto Vallarta is now Merged with Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta

Villa del Mar Beach Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta, the oldest of The Villa Group Resorts in Mexico, is merging with Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, its sister resort located next door. While Villa…

Published on 03.03.2021


The Malecón of Puerto Vallarta Among One of the BEST Places in the World by Tripadvisor Awards 2020

Of all the things to do in Puerto Vallarta, walking the Malecon boardwalk is the best according to the Tripadvisor awards released in 2020. The Puerto Vallarta boardwalk took home a 2020 Traveler’s…

Published on 08.01.2021


American Airlines Connects Puerto Vallarta with the East Coast of the United States

The rustle of the ocean breeze through the palm trees beckons travelers from around the world to the sunny shores of Puerto Vallarta Mexico, a tropical paradise famous for its local charm, historic…

Published on 08.01.2021


Puerto Vallarta Reinforces Safety Measures for Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus continues to take its toll on the world, governments everywhere are taking precautionary measures to help decelerate the spread of the disease as best they can. The state of…

Published on 02.11.2020


Why is October Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

As the leaves change and the holidays approach, it’s time for us to pause to remember National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The October Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign was founded in 1985 by…

Published on 21.10.2020


Airlines Expand Air Connectivity with New Routes to Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit

More flights to Puerto Vallarta Mexico means more walks along the ocean, more tacos and fresh seafood, more adventures in the jungle, and more memories with your family. This year, a number of…

Published on 25.09.2020


Relaunch of Flights to Puerto Vallarta: Airlines Gradually Resume Air Connectivity

As the world returns to normal, international and domestic airlines are resuming direct flights to Puerto Vallarta, helping families and friends escape to paradise for their summer vacations. With an…

Published on 21.08.2020


Villa del Palmar wins a Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice 2020 Award

When travelers return home from their stay at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, they can’t stop telling their friends and family about the view of the ocean from their resort suite and the fun…

Published on 14.08.2020


Puerto Vallarta is one of the Best Leisure Destinations in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta Mexico is a place where time slows down, where friends greet each other on the streets, and travelers can relax with the sound of the crashing waves. Travelers have loved this popular…

Published on 24.07.2020


Puerto Vallarta Has Plans to Reopen

Thanks to early precautionary measures taken against the spread of COVID-19, Puerto Vallarta has made it through the worst of the pandemic. During March and April, the Puerto Vallarta warning for…

Published on 05.06.2020


Expansion of Estero El Salado Puerto Vallarta

From the emerald jungles to the turquoise bay, it’s the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta that has made it a tranquil and romantic destination. Despite the growth of the city, the community is…

Published on 25.03.2020


Puerto Vallarta Makes TripAdvisors’ List of the 10 Most Popular Destinations in Mexico

From Hollywood stars to honeymooners, travelers from around the world have fallen in love with Puerto Vallarta, making it one of the most popular travel destinations in Mexico. After vacation, many…

Published on 18.03.2020


Puerto Vallarta Airport Updates - What's to Come

From that first touch of the ocean’s breeze when your flight to Puerto Vallarta lands to the final boarding call, the Gustavo Díaz International Airport is constantly bustling with activity. Over the…

Published on 21.02.2020


Expansion of Puerto Vallarta International Airport in 2020

While Puerto Vallarta’s charm is deeply rooted in its traditions and local culture, city officials are committed to keeping the city up to date with modern innovations that make life and travel easier…

Published on 14.02.2020


An Inviting New Look for the Lobby & Restaurant El Patron at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta

Excellence requires growth, and at Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, there’s always something new happening. From additional programs and activities to renovated facilities, the consistent…

Published on 23.10.2019


United Offers Discounts for Generation Z Travelers to Mexico

Travelers are always on the hunt for cheap flights and vacation package deals to exotic destinations. Some jet setters swear by purchasing on a certain day of the week or browsing particular apps, but…

Published on 25.09.2019


Volaris Announces New Commercial Route Between Puerto Vallarta and Phoenix

Jetting off to paradise is a breeze with Volaris new routes, now including direct flights from Phoenix to Puerto Vallarta. This announcement has come just in time for summer getaways and destination…

Published on 04.07.2019


Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta Receives TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence 2019

Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta has once again been named as one of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence winners. One of the best all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Vallarta, it has been a second…

Published on 20.06.2019


Is Puerto Vallarta Safe Right Now?

As you prepare to visit Puerto Vallarta Mexico, you’re probably counting down the days, checking the weather, and maybe even wondering is it safe to travel to Puerto Vallarta? You can hardly turn on…

Published on 08.05.2019


Puerto Vallarta Airport Plans Expansion

The Puerto Vallarta international airport welcomes thousands of visitors to the sunny coast every week, making it a bustling place full of fresh arrivals and departures. As the airport is the central…

Published on 20.03.2019


Is Puerto Vallarta Dangerous? What You Need to Know about the Popular Tourist Town

As you envision your Puerto Vallarta vacation, hammocks strung up between palm trees and icy margaritas dance through your dreams. However, many travelers have questions about safety in Mexico. No one…

Published on 05.03.2019


Travel Warning Mexico Puerto Vallarta

While the endless days of sunshine in paradise have people flocking to the shores of Mexico, travel warnings may have you wondering about the safety of travel to Puerto Vallarta. While there are…

Published on 07.02.2019


Whale Watching in Puerto Vallarta

There are so many things to do in Puerto Vallarta during the winter months that people migrate from all over the planet to the shores of the popular Mexican town just to partake in some of the…

Published on 10.01.2019


Puerto Vallarta News - The Malecon

Of all the vibrant places to visit during your vacation in Puerto Vallarta, the Malecon is the most iconic. Located in the heart of the city, the Malecon of Puerto Vallarta is a gathering spot for…

Published on 05.12.2018


Turtle Release Season in Puerto Vallarta

Ecotourism is booming around the world as couples and families enjoy exploring nature and learning about the world around them. Here, there are many Puerto Vallarta activities that will get you closer…

Published on 06.09.2018

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