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Puerto Vallarta Airport Plans Expansion

NEWS | Published on 20/03/2019
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The Puerto Vallarta international airport welcomes thousands of visitors to the sunny coast every week, making it a bustling place full of fresh arrivals and departures. As the airport is the central hub for tourists, the city of Puerto Vallarta Mexico is drawing towards the culmination of the five-year development plan for the airport, ushering in broad expansions and updates with a completely new terminal. Each update to the international airport puts it on par with some of the top airports around the world. This recent news in Puerto Vallarta will make travel easier for visitors and provide more direct routes to the destinations served by the airport in PV.

The most recent Puerto Vallarta airport news is that construction on a new 19,400 square meter terminal will be breaking ground soon. The new terminal will allow the Puerto Vallarta international airport to offer more direct flights and help travelers to get through security quicker, making traveling to and from Puerto Vallarta Mexico or to a number of new destinations simpler and easier. Additionally, the planned terminal will offer a greater variety of commercial spaces. As travelers depart, they’ll be able to browse for the perfect last minute souvenirs or relax in spacious restaurants and coffee shops, allowing this recent news in Puerto Vallarta to boost the economy and improve the community with more jobs.

This Puerto Vallarta airport news includes other developments as well. In addition to the plans for the new terminal, a new initiative to bring free Wi-Fi throughout the present terminals has gotten more travelers connected online to check flight updates and browse the internet. The Puerto Vallarta international airport has also recently inaugurated a plush VIP lounge for travelers to relax before their flight in comfort. All of this recent news in Puerto Vallarta is part of the airport’s five-year plan for 2015-2019. Overall, more than 360 million pesos are being invested in the ongoing updates and improvements of the Puerto Vallarta airport.

Whether you’re a traveler heading to Puerto Vallarta Mexico or a local looking for a foreign vacation, the airport is increasing their worldwide destinations to provide more options of places to explore on your next trip. Currently, the airport has direct flights to and from destinations like Abbotsford and Quebec in Canada and Kansas City and Cincinnati in the US. There are also direct flights across the Atlantic from Puerto Vallarta to Helsinki, London, and Manchester, and flights south of the border to Panama City. With a new terminal and modern amenities, the airport will be capable of providing service to more destinations around the world.

This Puerto Vallarta airport news is exciting for the local economy and for world travelers. The updates mean more jobs and more vacations, and the new developments will make your time at the airport quicker and more comfortable before you jet off back home or to another exotic destination. As the five-year plan culminates in the new terminal, start planning your next trip to Puerto Vallarta to explore the natural wonders and bask in the warm culture and sunshine.

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