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Puerto Vallarta Has Plans to Reopen

NEWS | Published on 05/06/2020
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Thanks to early precautionary measures taken against the spread of COVID-19, Puerto Vallarta has made it through the worst of the pandemic. During March and April, the Puerto Vallarta warning for travelers and locals was strict to keep the city strong and healthy. Now that health officials have noted a turning point, Puerto Vallarta tourism will gradually reopen. This slow process has been designed to welcome back travel to Puerto Vallarta while promoting social distancing and new disinfectant measures. Reading through the new Puerto Vallarta travel advisory will help you make the best decisions for your 2020 vacation plans.

The first flight travel updates during the pandemic were filled with cancelations and travel ban update news at different borders. The first Puerto Vallarta warning for travelers was to stay home, and officials restricted incoming travelers. While the airport stayed open and flight travel updates revealed that most airlines only had a few travelers, people were able to get to their essential destinations since the travel ban update only restricted crossings at land borders. As the city reopens and the Puerto Vallarta travel warnings are lifted, the airport will continue to receive daily flights. Once the next travel ban update in June is issued, travel across the land border between the US and Mexico and Puerto Vallarta tourism is expected to increase.

Throughout the city, you’ll probably notice people out and about, but there will be changes to everyday life in accordance with Puerto Vallarta travel warnings. The current Puerto Vallarta travel advisory still mandates the use of face masks outside of the home, and most restaurants and stores are enforcing this rule even as they reopen. Now, many restaurants have begun to seat customers, keeping tables open between diners, restricting occupancy rates to 50%, and limiting the contact between guests and staff. Other businesses and stores are reopening, but like restaurants, their capacity is limited, and patrons are encouraged to practice social distancing when queuing for lines and to wear masks at all times. In May, the Puerto Vallarta travel guide for reopening from the government kept beaches, public spaces, bars, nightclubs, and shopping malls closed. Rather than opening everything up at once, the city used the month of May to gradually reopen businesses and to begin implementing new Puerto Vallarta travel advisory protocols. While these entities remain closed, it is only a matter of time before they reopen as well. 

A few resorts also began their reopening processes in May, but the majority plan to wait until June 1 to welcome back guests. If you travel to Puerto Vallarta this summer, you can still enjoy all the beauty, tranquility, and fun of a beach vacation in Mexico, but you’ll likely notice some changes around your resort. To align with all other Puerto Vallarta travel warnings and the advice of public health experts, common areas of the resort will have limited occupancy, and social distancing will be required while using these areas. To limit the number of people in the gym, many resorts are planning on requiring guests to reserve a time to workout. Behind the scenes, new policies at resorts will keep employees and guests safe. Additional disinfectant cleaning of commonly touched surfaces and common areas will be going on all day long, and employees will be given freshly laundered uniforms to change into when they arrive at work. These changes to resort operations are designed to keep all guests safe and healthy while they enjoy the best of Puerto Vallarta tourism.

Throughout the city, a number of the usual activities listed in any Puerto Vallarta travel guide will resume with new protocols for sanitation and social distancing. Before joining a tour, you’ll likely be subjected to a temperature screening and asked to wear a mask throughout your adventure. However, most of the activities in a Puerto Vallarta travel guide naturally align with social distancing rules. These activities allow you to enjoy the beauty of Puerto Vallarta while staying away from other travelers.

The next flight travel updates are expected to show tourists returning to the sunny shores of Mexico, and while it will likely be less than last year due to occupancy rates being kept low, travelers will be hiking through the mountains and having adventures at sea while maintaining a healthy distance between themselves and others. By following every Puerto Vallarta warning for travelers, you can once again visit this beloved seaside town.

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