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Puerto Vallarta is one of the Best Leisure Destinations in Mexico

NEWS | Published on 24/07/2020
Optimizada leisure vacations in puerto vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Mexico is a place where time slows down, where friends greet each other on the streets, and travelers can relax with the sound of the crashing waves. Travelers have loved this popular Mexican destination for years because it’s a leisurely small town where days are spent sipping margaritas and eating fresh ceviche on the beach. This year, Puerto Vallarta has been named the Best Leisure Destination in Mexico by Global Traveler magazine. This award is based on a survey of the magazine’s readers, a process that empowers everyday travelers to recommend their favorite destinations where stresses are washed away. While the top ten list is filled with relaxing Mexico vacation destinations, Puerto Vallarta stands apart with its local charm and natural beauty.

Global Traveler

Launched in 2004, Global Traveler magazine has become discerning travelers’ source for interviews, reviews, and tips concerning travel. Every year, the magazine surveys its readers to find out their opinions and recommendations on everything from historical attractions and airline entertainment to leisure destinations in Mexico. In these surveys, travelers who subscribe to the magazine answer open-ended questions about leisure, luxury, and lifestyle travel. After responses are collected and winners announced, travelers will have confidence when choosing between Mexico vacation destinations for their next leisurely getaway.

Best Leisure Destinations in Mexico

What puts Puerto Vallarta Mexico at the top of the list of leisure destinations in Mexico is its charming combination of small-town charm, warm hospitality, and natural beauty. Despite being a popular Mexican destination, life along the cobblestone streets seems to move a little slower, and on a Puerto Vallarta vacation, you can put the hustle and bustle of everyday life aside while you enjoy one of the most relaxing Mexico vacation destinations. Wake up to the sound of gently crashing waves, and spend your day relaxing in the ocean breeze. Dine on tropical fruits, fresh produce, and seafood straight from the sea. On your Puerto Vallarta vacation, staying at an all-inclusive resort takes the work of cooking and cleaning off your shoulders so that you can enjoy relaxing with your loved ones. Falling to bed in your sumptuous suite every night will make you feel truly leisurely. 

Things to Do on Your Puerto Vallarta Vacation

Here, where the Sierra Madre Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean, families safely can enjoy activities out at sea, around town, and in the mountain jungles. As one of the best family vacation destinations, there’s a variety of kid-friendly tours, like swimming with dolphins, sailing with pirates, or snorkeling in the bay. However, sometimes moms and dads need a little alone time, and the all-inclusive resorts here are the best family vacation destinations. With on-site childcare and a variety of resort activities with friendly and caring staff members, kids will feel like VIPs while parents can enjoy more of what makes Puerto Vallarta one of the top leisure destinations in Mexico. Days in award-winning spas, afternoons by the pool, and leisurely meals on the beach make a Puerto Vallarta vacation one of the most relaxing trips possible. 

Being named the Best Leisure Destination in Mexico by Global Traveler magazine recognizes what travelers have known for years: when it comes to slowing down and pampering yourself, Puerto Vallarta Mexico is the place to be. Despite being a popular Mexican destination, it’s a city where you won’t feel rushed around in a crowd of tourists, and as one of the best family vacation destinations, families can enjoy safe activities together, but moms and dads can also trust the resort staff to make their kids’ vacation special while they enjoy a little rest and relaxation on their own. If a week of fun and tranquility is what you’re looking for, set your sights on the best leisure destination in Mexico: Puerto Vallarta.

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