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Expansion of Estero El Salado Puerto Vallarta

NEWS | Published on 25/03/2020
Optimizada el salado estuary puerto vallarta

From the emerald jungles to the turquoise bay, it’s the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta that has made it a tranquil and romantic destination. Despite the growth of the city, the community is dedicated to protecting the environment and preserving protected areas. In the heart of the city is El Salado Estuary Puerto Vallarta, a mangrove forest that’s home to rescued crocodiles and other flora and fauna. Recently, government leaders have polled and listened to citizens about the future of El Salado Puerto Vallarta, and rather than allowing developers to encroach on this space, the city will be expanding the area so that it will remain one of the untouched Puerto Vallarta attractions. 

The estuary has been an important topic recently in Puerto Vallarta news as nearly 5,000 citizens were consulted this year through surveys and open meetings on the future of El Salado Estuary Puerto Vallarta. Citizens of all ages and throughout the workforce were asked about the value of the estuary and the problems facing it. The overwhelming majority voiced concerns about businesses trying to develop El Salado Puerto Vallarta and fears about funding for the land. The outcome of all of this was welcomed with joy as the city’s leaders announced plans to increase the protected area from 168 hectares to 208.2, a 23% increase. They also promised funding to maintain the natural balance of the estuary and a plan to keep the area from being developed. As one of the most natural places to visit in Puerto Vallarta, the estuary will continue to keep the city green and healthy.

Preserving the estuary is one of the most important things to do in Puerto Vallarta to combat climate change because it’s a natural mangrove swamp. Mangrove trees are unique because they grow in estuaries where fresh and saltwater mix. This ability is fundamental to creating a coastal ecosystem where everything from microscopic organisms to crocodiles and crabs can thrive. Mangroves in El Salado Puerto Vallarta also protect the shoreline from hurricane and storm damage, preventing erosion and filtering the water. Without the mangroves, many of the other places to visit in Puerto Vallarta would not be what they are today, making the recent Puerto Vallarta news about expanding the area a victory for the whole city. As it continues to grow, preserving areas like this will continue to be one of the most important things to do in Puerto Vallarta. 

With this unique ecosystem, the estuary is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Puerto Vallarta, and to support conservation efforts, the city offers Estero El Salado tours that take you into the heart of the mangroves. After a short hike along the path, your guide will take you on a boat down the river, pointing out the small crocodiles and crabs who find shelter here. During the Estero El Salado tours, visitors will also climb a lookout tour to get a view of the full area, imagining what the landscape looked like hundreds of years ago. While you can spot a few Puerto Vallarta attractions from here, you’ll see how large the area is, and as you learn about the mangroves’ importance from your guide, you’ll understand the importance of the recent Puerto Vallarta news about the expansion. As a visitor to the city, taking Estero El Salado tours is one way you can play a role in preserving the natural beauty of Vallarta’s coast. 

El Salado Estuary Puerto Vallarta is vital to the city’s health and beauty. The mangroves protect the coastline and provide a sanctuary for mollusks and young crocodiles. While it’s definitely one of the best Puerto Vallarta attractions, its importance stems beyond tourism since the estuary makes Puerto Vallarta the tropical paradise it is today. Of all the things to do in Puerto Vallarta, supporting and visiting El Salado should be at the top of your list.

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