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Villa del Palmar Vallarta Revalidates Preverisk Certificates

NEWS | Published on 03/05/2023
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In the hospitality industry, maintaining top-tier standards for health and safety is more than just a requirement, it's a testament to a brand's commitment to its guests.

For 13 years, The Villa Group has been embodying this commitment, partnering with the globally recognized Preverisk Group to ensure their facilities are not just compliant, but exemplary in safety and hygiene standards.

We are thrilled to announce that Villa del Palmar Vallarta, a jewel of The Villa Group, has once again revalidated its Preverisk safety certifications, reflecting its unwavering dedication to guest well-being.

The Villa Group and Preverisk: A Commitment to Excellence

The Villa Group has been a long-standing collaborator with Preverisk. This alliance focuses on certifying both the facilities of The Villa Group's hotels and the hotel staff themselves, ensuring a holistic approach to health and safety.

The rigorous process encompasses various critical elements, including water treatment for the pool service, documentation and management, food handling, and all aspects related to hygiene and cleanliness.

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The Preverisk Evaluation: What Does It Involve?

Preverisk's evaluation is thorough, aiming to cover all aspects that could potentially affect guest safety and satisfaction.

Unlike the annual review conducted by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism, which measures the level of compliance, Preverisk’s process is continuous and detailed. It monitors operations daily, providing an extra layer of assurance to guests and staff.

The key areas of evaluation include the pool service's water treatment, ensuring it is up to global standards, and the documentation and management, verifying all necessary procedures and protocols are in place.

It also includes food handling, assessing if the staff is adhering to hygiene standards, and the infrastructure, and checking the upkeep of the property. All these elements are integral to providing a safe and comfortable environment for guests.

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The Significance of the Safety Certificate

The Preverisk safety certificate is more than just a document, it's a seal of assurance. For guests, it represents a guarantee of a safe, pleasant experience meeting high-quality standards.

The revalidation of the safety certificates at Villa del Palmar Vallarta demonstrates the property's continued commitment to these high standards.

For The Villa Group, revalidating the safety certificate is a vital part of its overall risk management strategy. It's not just about meeting the minimum criteria, it's about exceeding them.

This commitment reflects in the group's diligent work to maintain and enhance their safety measures, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the hospitality industry.

With the ever-evolving dynamics of the hospitality industry, especially in the face of global health concerns, maintaining these safety certifications is more important than ever. The Villa Group, with its robust risk management strategy, continues to lead the way, offering peace of mind to all its guests.

So, whether you're planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solo adventure, Villa del Palmar Vallarta, with its renewed Preverisk safety certificates, promises you a safe, comfortable, and unforgettable experience.

After all, at The Villa Group, your safety is not just our priority, it's our commitment.

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