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Puerto Vallarta Weather - The Myths About Rainy Season

NEWS | Published on 15/09/2022
Optimizada puerto vallarta rainy season

Puerto Vallarta weather beckons visitors all year to come enjoy the warm sand and cool breezes. In the blue sky that stretches from the ocean’s horizon to the top of the mountains, the sun drifts over Banderas Bay before painting an incredible sunset every night for all to see.

Recently, you may have noticed that the Puerto Vallarta news has reported that rainy season has finally arrived in paradise and you may think that means it is a bad time to visit the sunny destination in Mexico. While rainy season usually sticks around from July to October, there is never a bad time to visit Puerto Vallarta. Rainfall may have increased, but there are several myths about rainy season that need to be cleared away.

Myth: It rains all day

Fact: During rainy season, it does rain most days and more than in the other Puerto Vallarta seasons, but the rainfall generally lasts for just a few hours and typically only comes around at night. Darker clouds begin to roll in during the early evening, around five o’clock, signaling potential rain storms. Then, after an hour or so on the average day, the tropical breezes blow the storm away. Because it often rains at the same time each day in the evening, locals and guests can adjust their plans accordingly to stay dry during the rainfall before returning to fun in the sun along the beautiful beaches as they visit Puerto Vallarta during the fall months.

Myth: Everything is gray and dreary

Fact: The Puerto Vallarta seasons are all unique and bring forth different types of beauty. The cool rains in the evening combined with the brilliant sunshine during the day renews life in the mountain forests after many dry months. Lush leaves unfold from branches, and the mountains are verdant and alive. The emerald green of the jungle not only makes this a beautiful sight, but it is also the perfect time for an outdoor adventure of zip lining or riding ATVs on the mountain trails. When the rain does come, dazzling bolts of lightning light up the sky over the water, creating a spectacular show that can be viewed right from the balcony of your spacious suite at your favorite beach resorts. Puerto Vallarta news often features photos of these stunning stormy skies during this time of year.

Myth: The weather is awful 

Fact: These myths about rainy season fail to capture the radiant sunshine, the warm sea breeze, and the cool evenings that fill each day when you visit Puerto Vallarta. As it does throughout the rest of the year, during rainy season the sun is out everyday and the ocean is waiting for you to jump in and cool off after lounging on the beach. Puerto Vallarta weather during the day is warm inrainy season, but the rainfall cools the air, leaving your evenings pleasant and enjoyable for eating outdoors or strolling along the sea as the sun sets. Check in with the local Puerto Vallarta news for updates on the weather or chat with your concierge to make sure you don’t get caught in the rain.

Myth: You’ll be stuck in the hotel

Fact: You may want to be indoors when the water hits, but you may also be tempted to dance in the rain and play in the puddles. Even if you head for the indoors, it will only be for an hour or two in the evenings before you can head back out. When you visit Puerto Vallarta during rainy season, you can do your jungle adventures and peaceful beach time during the day, which is when these activities usually take place. You can also explore the beauty of downtown or participate in one of the many Puerto Vallarta family activities outside. Then, head back to your welcoming suite to relax and clean up before enjoying a delicious dinner in the cool of the evening at one of the many fantastic Puerto Vallarta restaurants after the breeze has blown away the rain.

Puerto Vallarta weather is enjoyable all year long. The Puerto Vallarta seasons each bring something special to the bay and beaches, and rainy season brings peacefully cool evenings, verdant greenery, spectacular lightning shows, and warm days. Don’t listen to the myths about rainy season. See the true beauty of July through October in Puerto Vallarta when you come to visit.

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