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United Offers Discounts for Generation Z Travelers to Mexico

NEWS | Published on 25/09/2019
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Travelers are always on the hunt for cheap flights and vacation package deals to exotic destinations. Some jet setters swear by purchasing on a certain day of the week or browsing particular apps, but now Generation Z travelers can turn to a specific airline to find the best vacation flight deals right from their phone. United Airlines has just announced a 10% discount on flights for any customers between the ages of 18-22, and with this United Airlines news, it’s time for young adults to go out and see the world. 

Qualifying for the 10% discount on United Airlines flights won’t require you to jump through hoops or wait on hold for hours. First, you must be a MileagePlus member. This is the airline’s free rewards program you can sign up for online, and on your profile, make sure your birthdate is accurate. After that, browse United Airlines vacation packages to see where and when you want to travel. Once you’ve made your selection, you must book through United’s mobile app before the end of the year. The 10% off vacation flight deals apply to economy tickets, and you can only make reservations for a single passenger. If you’re traveling with friends or family members, they’ll have to book their tickets separately, but they can qualify for this incredible United Airlines flight deal too. What's more, these cheap flights don’t just apply to travel in 2019. If you book your 2020 vacation before the end of the year, you can still take advantage of this United Airlines flight deal

While families and travelers have loved United Airlines vacation packages for years, the company is focusing on reaching a younger market. Studies show that these young adults value experiences, like travel, over material things, and images of iconic landmarks and virgin jungles fill the Instagram pages of Generation Z travelers. However, as college debt is growing and careers are just beginning, finding cheap flights and saving on vacation package deals are necessary for many young adults to travel. 

Scoring on vacation package deals isn’t the only thing people are worried about. Young travelers are also conscientious about their carbon footprint. That’s why this United Airlines news also includes the announcement that the company is going to include the first 25,000 United Airlines flights traveled with this promotion in their Eco-Skies program. The Eco-Skies program invests in sustainable fuel sources and emission-reducing technology, decreasing the number of pollutants left in the atmosphere from United Airlines vacations

It’s always important for the next generation to travel the world, which is why taking advantage of United Airlines vacations is so important. When we travel, we’re exposed to other cultures and connected with loved ones. The new experiences and incredible adventures that come along with even the most seemingly simple United Airlines vacation packages help shape us forever. In the moment, getting a cheap flight seems like the real treasure, but the experiences that come from traveling the world are priceless. 

United Airlines flights can take you almost anywhere in the world, including over 25 destinations in Mexico. These vacation flight deals include travel to the capital, Mexico City, or to coastal destinations, like Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. The excitement of saving on United Airlines vacations will pale in comparison to witnessing the ancient ruins of Mexican civilizations or watching the simple beauty of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. For many, the new United Airlines flight deal makes all of this possible. 

Whether they’re traveling for a destination wedding, a work conference, or just to relax, young adults are thrilled with this United Airlines news. The best part of this United Airlines flight deal is its simplicity. Just by being a part of the free rewards program, young adults can experience the wonders of the world without breaking the bank. 

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