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American Airlines Connects Puerto Vallarta with the East Coast of the United States

NEWS | Published on 08/01/2021
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The rustle of the ocean breeze through the palm trees beckons travelers from around the world to the sunny shores of Puerto Vallarta Mexico, a tropical paradise famous for its local charm, historic architecture, and natural beauty. As more and more people are discovering the wonders of this coastal town, airlines are increasing their services, and with the recent announcement of more American Airlines flights to Puerto Vallarta, travelers from the East Coast of the United States can escape quickly and easily to the beach. Take advantage of these new American Airlines flights to Mexico to add exciting getaways into your year.

American Airlines Flights to Puerto Vallarta

American Airlines flights to Mexico have brought thousands of visitors from across the US to experience the vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes that the country is famous for. Their flights to Puerto Vallarta provide service from Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, and they’ve recently launched their newest route from Charlotte, North Carolina. Those who live on the East Coast have typically taken their beach vacations locally or in the Carribean, but these new weekly American Airlines flights to Puerto Vallarta reflect the growing interest in Mexico. For those living outside the Charlotte area, American Airlines has hubs in Miami, New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, giving travelers more options for quick and easy connections.

The Tropical and Cultural Attractions of Puerto Vallarta

Travelers hopping on American Airlines flights to Mexico are seeking verdant jungles, sandy shorelines, and warm hospitality, and in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, you’ll be surrounded by lush mountains as you look out over the Pacific Ocean. This city, once a favorite hangout for Hollywood stars, maintains its small-town charm with all the comforts of a modern city. Spend your days exploring the cobblestone streets, watching local musicians and dancers, or sampling the fresh seafood and bold flavors of Mexico. Take a bike ride along the Malecon, or head deeper into the jungle to discover tropical waterfalls. Spend the day at sea scuba diving, snorkeling, or even whale watching. These tropical and cultural attractions make Puerto Vallarta a destination you’ll want to return to year after year.

Puerto Vallarta Vacations Made Simple

Planning a getaway to a foreign country is easier than it sounds. These American Airlines flights to Mexico will get you here quickly and seamlessly, and because the town is accustomed to visitors, getting around is easy and safe. Book a luxurious vacation at an all-inclusive resort, and with all the inclusion and deals, you’ll have everything you need for the trip of a lifetime without going over budget. As you explore the city, you’ll be able to practice your Spanish while also using English to get by, and with convenient busses, local taxis, and familiar Ubers, you’ll be able to get around like a pro. Puerto Vallarta is known as one of the safest cities in Mexico, and no matter where you go, you’ll be greeted with warm hospitality. Whether you’ve traveled the world or not, you’ll feel welcomed and comfortable throughout your vacation.

Puerto Vallarta Mexico is the ideal destination for everything from family vacations to romantic getaways, and with more flights available from American Airlines, you’ll be on the beach in no time. As you bury your toes in the sand, you’ll be surrounded by the wonders and delights of Mexico. Take advantage of more travel options and connections so that you can explore the world and have cultural experiences that broaden your horizons.

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