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Ideas to Do at Home without Buying Anything

LIFESTYLE | Published on 12/06/2020
Optimizada home decor ideas

With more time spent at home during the quarantine, it’s time to freshen up your house, breathing new energy and life into it. As you think about how to decorate your house, the cost of little projects can quickly add up. Refreshing your space with home organization ideas and home decoration tips doesn’t have to cost a thing. With DIY home projects and simple tips for how to organize your home, you can completely change the feeling of your space without buying anything. 

Make All Natural Cleaning Products

One reason people don’t use all natural products for DIY home projects is the cost, but many effective cleaners are made out of ingredients already in your kitchen. White vinegar is an all natural cleaner that’s been used for generations for mopping and wiping down counters. Mix a little vinegar and water together for your DIY home improvement projects, and to tackle grease and built-up gunk, sprinkle some baking powder onto the surface, pour some vinegar on it, and let the chemical reaction do the cleaning. With these simple products, one of the best ideas to do at home right now is a deep spring cleaning.

Start Your Own Recipe Book

During the quarantine, many people have become at-home chefs, experimenting with new recipes and techniques. One of the best ways for how to organize your home is to gather all those recipes into one place. Use an extra notebook or even loose paper to write down all the yummy new recipes you’ve tried. You can also reach out to family and friends for recipes. Creating your own cookbook is one of the best ideas to do at home without spending a dime.

Sort Through Everything

One of the first steps for how to organize your home is to declutter, and minimalism is one of the most popular home organization ideas right now. Begin organizing your home room by room. In the bedroom, put all your clothes into the middle, and only put away those that bring you joy. You can do this as well in the kitchen with plastic containers and mugs, or in your office with files and books. After sorting everything and organizing your home, you can donate belongings or even sell them online for a small profit.

Rearrange Your Bookshelves

There are lots of ways for how to decorate your house with books. Even on your bookshelf, rearranging your books by color or genre is one of the quick DIY home projects that can give the room a new look, but a bookshelf doesn’t have to be limited to books. One of the best home decoration tips is to add some photos, small plants, or knick knacks to shelves. You can stack books horizontally as well to add some variety to your shelves. As you’re organizing your home and shelves, be sure to get rid of old items and books that no longer interest you.

Update Your Photos

Another quick, easy, and free idea for how to decorate your house is to update framed pictures. Wipe off the frames with an all natural cleaner, and switch out the photo. For DIY home improvement projects that don't cost a thing, have fun by hanging old throwback photos. Other free home decor ideas include placing frames on other surfaces or framing notes and ticket stubs instead of photos. 

Bring Nature Inside

Plants are some of the best home decor ideas, especially during the quarantine. Without heading to a greenhouse, you can bring nature inside with different home decoration tips. While most people think to put flowers in a vase, you can also collect leafy stems to bring inside. You can also take cuttings from outside to replant through water or soil propagation, the best DIY projects that will fill your house for free with fresh greenery. 

These DIY home improvement projects will revitalize your space at no cost. Before investing money in new furniture or big changes, try seeing how these home organization ideas can change your place. These home decor ideas will make your old arrangement feel new, and by getting through these projects and ideas to do at home now, maintaining a clean home will be easier when the quarantine is lifted.

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