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Interesting Things to Know About Saint Patrick's Day

LIFESTYLE | Published on 17/03/2022
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Saint Patrick’s Day is a famous holiday, especially in the US, and while most people recognize the iconic shamrock and remember to wear green on March 17, most don’t know what is the meaning of Saint Patrick’s Day. As you look up what do we celebrate on Saint Patrick’s Day, you’ll see that its long history has made it a beloved holiday. Once you know interesting things, like is Saint Patrick’s Day a holiday in the US and why wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day, you’ll be able to feel the pride behind the holiday.

Is Saint Patrick’s Day a Holiday?

If you look up “Is Saint Patrick’s Day a holiday?”, you’ll see that it’s different in various countries. While it’s not a legally-recognized holiday in the US, it is one in Ireland. In fact, bars and taverns throughout Ireland used to be closed on Saint Patrick’s Day to encourage people to go to mass, making it a more somber and religious holiday. Even though it’s not a public holiday in the US, many cities hold festivals and parades, and Irish pubs and restaurants host parties with traditional Irish dishes.

What is the Meaning of Saint Patrick’s Day?

Saint Patrick began his life as a simple teenager in the 4th century who was kidnapped from England and taken to Ireland as a slave. Six years later, he escaped back to England, but after becoming a Catholic bishop, he returned to Ireland to spread Christianity, founding a number of monasteries, schools, and churches. His humble work and teachings have made him the country’s patron saint. Centuries later, as Irish immigrants settled in the US, the holiday became a celebration of their heritage and homeland, which is what most people recognize as what is the meaning of Saint Patrick’s Day.

When is Saint Patrick’s Day?

Historians have placed Saint Patrick’s death on March 17, and when is Saint Patrick’s Day doesn’t change each year. In the days leading up to the holiday, you’ll see shamrock decorations and advertisements for local parties and festivities.

Why Wear Green on Saint Patrick’s Day? 

If you forget when is Saint Patrick’s Day, you’ll likely be reminded with a pinch for not wearing green. But why wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day, especially when blue was the color most associated with the saint? According to Irish folklore, wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns. If you don’t, they’ll come up and pinch you, stirring up magic and mischief along the way. Green is also the color of shamrocks, which, according to legend, were used by the saint to teach people about the Holy Trinity.

What Do We Celebrate on Saint Patrick’s Day?

For those who are Catholic, there’s a special mass on March 17 that reflects on Saint Patrick’s teachings about the Holy Trinity, but the holiday has been secularized over the years. Today, Irish heritage and culture is most of what do we celebrate on Saint Patrick’s Day.For many, this means raising a glass of Guiness beer and eating corned beef and cabbage with family and friends.

Whether you attend mass or watch a holiday parade, Saint Patrick’s Day is a chance to celebrate Irish heritage and how immigrants have contributed to American culture and identity. By wearing green and keeping the meaning of Saint Patrick’s Day in mind, you’ll truly feel the festiveness of March 17.

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