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Eat like a local in Puerto Vallarta

DINING | Published on 19/02/2019
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World travelers return home bursting with stories of amazing sights, exciting tours, and mouthwatering local food. The incredible food in Puerto Vallarta ranges from exotic fruits to famous tacos, and one of the advantages of buying local food is that you’ll get the most authentic taste of Mexican cuisine and flavors when you decide to eat local. As you stroll the streets, you’ll see stands and shops overflowing with bright pineapples and grilling fresh cuts of meat. So why eat local food? Because it’s simply delicious, healthy, good for the environment, and one of the best ways to truly experience the culture of your destination.

Is local food better?

It is if you’re looking for authentic Mexican tacos. On every corner in Puerto Vallarta, local cooks have their stands set up, grilling meat and pressing fresh tortillas long into the night. How to buy local food at a taco stand might test your Spanish skills, but this is a very friendly place to practice. Most stands will have carne asada, or grilled beef, which is always a good choice. Other popular choices are pierna, pulled pork, and al pastor, marinated and slow-roasted pork. Most stands will have the options posted above the grill and flavors that can’t be beat. You’ll wait to pay until you’ve finished eating, which is perfect for if you decide to order more tacos--everyone’s favorite food in Puerto Vallarta.

Sample the Local Culinary Fare

When the sun goes down, vendors set up stands along the Malecon boardwalk, in front of the central church, and at the various Farmer’s Markets selling traditional Mexican street foods. Enjoy warm corn esquites and crispy churros while listening to live music, strolling past landmarks, and watching fireworks over the bay. Other vendors are making hot crepes and fried plantains, and you can also find beautiful handmade treasures for sale along the way. One of the top reasons to eat local is that it supports the hard-working community and entrepreneurship.

Sample Something Fresh

Many travelers ask themselves, why eat local food? The answer is simple, because it’s fresh and healthy--one of the top benefits of local food. When it comes to how to buy local food at a fruteria, you’ll find it surprisingly easy. Plastic baskets are set by the fruit for you to gather your bounty to be weighed and payed for at the register. After sampling juicy pineapple or creamy coconut, you’ll be amazed at how cheap the tropical fruit is in Puerto Vallarta compared to when it’s imported to the US or Canada. The prices are one of the advantages of buying local food and so is eating it fresh. If you’re wanting to eat healthy while on vacation, stopping by the produce stand for tropical fruits and fresh vegetables is one of the best reasons to eat local.


Ask For The Catch Of The Day

While you may think Mexican food in Puerto Vallarta is just sizzling carne and roasted pollo, there’s also an abundance of fresh seafood to be found on the coast that makes up a unique side of authentic Mexican cuisine. Unlike imported foods, one of the benefits of local food is that it’s more organic and free from preservatives. There are a few methods for how to buy local food straight from the sea. Perhaps the most fun way is to take a deep sea fishing tour and haul in your own catch to be grilled up at a restaurant. You can also purchase seafood at local markets to take home for dinner.

Explore The Local Culinary Scene On a Tour

If you’re still asking is local food better, join others on a culinary adventure with Vallarta Food Tours or Vallarta Eats. On this journey, local guides will take you to popular markets and hole-in-the-wall restaurants to sample locals’ favorite foods. After the tour, you can return to these spots over and over, enjoying the advantages of buying local food: it’s fresh and affordable!

Why eat local food

 Eating like a local will expose you to more of the vibrant Mexican culture and cuisine that’s become famous around the world. Is local food better? The benefits of local food and reasons to eat local range from fresh healthiness to amazing flavor--which can be hard to find with imported food. Unsure where to start? Join a tour or just stop whenever you smell something you can’t resist.

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