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Best Sports Bars in Puerto Vallarta

DINING | Published on 07/06/2024
Optimizada sports bars in puerto vallarta

Fall brings about the beginning of a number of major sports seasons, leaving sports fanatics looking for everything from the best place to watch a football game to the coolest sports bars to catch the World Cup.

If you’re staying home this fall, watching your favorite sports games won’t be a problem, but if you’re traveling, you’ll want to find American sports bars around your destination so that you don’t miss a beat. If you’re headed to the sunny shores of Puerto Vallarta this year, don’t worry! There are a number of places to visit in Puerto Vallarta that will be playing your favorite sports games. 

In no particular order, here is a list of the best bars in Puerto Vallarta for sporting events.

5 Best Bars in Puerto Vallarta to Catch the Game

5 Best Bars in Puerto Vallarta to Catch the Game

1. El Torito (Marina Vallarta)

El Torito is the perfect mix between an American sports bar and delicious BBQ house. Enjoy the game while dining on mouth watering ribs, nachos, shrimp, or BBQ chicken.

2. Brewhaus Cervecería (Fluvial Vallarta)

One of the newer sports bars in the area, Brewhaus has a decent selection of beer, cocktails, food, and sports games playing at all times. Considered the best place to watch a football game by some, Brewhaus is small, so you’ll want to arrive early if you want a seat. 

3. Aquí Nomás Cantina del Puerto (Versalles)

If you’re looking for the best places to visit in Puerto Vallarta that mix your passion for sports with an authentic Mexican feel, then Aquí Nomás is one of the sports bars to head to for your favorite game.

4. Los Muertos Brewery (Romantic Zone)

Los Muertos Brewery (Romantic Zone)

By far the best place to watch a football game, grab a hand-crafted beer, and slice of delicious pizza, Los Muertos is one of the places to visit in Puerto Vallarta if you want good food and an upbeat sports ambiance. With multiple TVs, a big screen, mariachi almost every night, and sports paraphernalia hanging on the walls, you’ll enjoy yourself and eat well in the process.

5. All Access Sports Bar (Romantic Zone)

One of the few Puerto Vallarta bars open for breakfast, All Access Sports Bar is a great option for those early afternoon games. While they don’t consider themselves an American sports bar, you’ll be able to view a lot of American games on one of their 7 TVs. Just remember, this place is relatively small, so you’ll want to show up early to get a seat.

American Sports Bar Schedules:

Whether you’re hoping to catch each of the games of the World Cup or simply don’t want to miss your favorite college team taking on their rivals, the best bars in Puerto Vallarta will be playing the game. Many Puerto Vallarta bars follow the major sports seasons, which are as follows:

American Sports Bar Schedules:

  • Major League Baseball (MLB): Baseball season begins in late March and ends in October with the World Series. 

  • NASCAR - Races start in February and end in November.

  • Major League Soccer- Starts late in February and runs through mid-October.

  • College Football: The season goes from September to December every year.

  • National Football League (NFL): Starts in September and concludes with the Super Bowl in February.

  • Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA)Tour Season: While technically a year-round sporting season, the official season starts in Mid-September and ends in August. 

  • NCAA College Basketball: Beginning in November, the NCAA season ends in April after March Madness. 

  • National Basketball Association (NBA): Begins in mid-October and runs through June. 

  • National Hockey League (NHL): The regular season begins in October and ends in April, with the Stanley Cup playoffs.

  • Formula 1 Racing (F1): The racing season begins at the end of March and runs through the end of November.

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