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Make your Own Piña Colada

DINING | Published on 01/05/2020
Optimizada pina colada recipe

With summer around the corner and vacation vibes on your mind, there’s nothing better than a homemade pina colada to help you relax. Learning how to make pina colada drinks will not only make you a popular host for cookouts and pool parties when the time comes, but it will also give you something delicious and rewarding to do while you stay at home. Following a pina colada recipe is simple, especially once you know what is in a pina colada. With four ingredients, ice, and a blender, you’ll be sipping a fruity pina colada drink in no time, picturing yourself in a hammock underneath a palm tree.

The legendary history of the pina colada cocktail dates back to the 19th century when Puerto Rican pirate Roberto Cofresí sailed the seas, evading Spanish, French, Dannish, English, and American authorities. To boost morale among his crew, Cofresí would make pineapple juice cocktails with rum, the pirate’s drink of choice. So what is in a pina colada? Unfortunately, when Cofresí died in 1825, his pina colada recipe was lost forever. While historians debate the validity of this legend, it’s an alluring story of how simple pineapple juice cocktails with rum and coconut were first made. Resorts in Puerto Rico have also claimed to have invented the pineapple pina colada, but drinking a pirate’s cocktail is a much more exciting idea.

Today, the pineapple pina colada cocktail is a staple at resorts, beachside restaurants, and bars around the world, and the simplicity of what is in a pina colada makes it easy to make in your own home. Watch this video which contains directions for how to make your favorite pineapple pina colada at home and you’ll be on your way to the ultimate vacation vibes.

What are the ingredients for a pina colada?

Just rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, evaporated milk, and ice. For a classic homemade pina colada drink, use 1½ ounces of rum and of pineapple juice, single ounces of coconut cream and of evaporated milk, and a glass of ice. How to make pina colada drinks varies slightly with each recipe, but they all require a strong blender that will give you that creamy texture. The last step of how to make pina colada cocktails is to pour it into a glass and garnish with a slice of pineapple on the rim. While garnishing it isn’t necessary, it makes sipping pineapple juice cocktails feel more indulgent, just as if you were at your favorite beachside resort. 

When it comes to what are the ingredients for a pina colada, the quality of what you put in your recipe will affect the outcome. If you’re looking for the best rum for pina colada drinks, tha main thing to look for is quality. Top-shelf rums will make your cocktail smoother and richer. Many people prefer Malibu for their drinks. With its extra coconut flavoring, this is the best rum for pina coladacocktail drinks that will really make you feel like you’re on the beach. To take your homemade pina coladadrink up a notch, use juice from a fresh pineapple.

If you search what are the ingredients for a pina colada and add them to your grocery list, you’re just seconds away from sitting on the beach with a drink in your hand, at least in your mind. While you may not be able to visit your favorite vacation spots right now, you can at least enjoy your favorite cocktail with the best rum for pina colada cocktails right in your own home, keeping the memory of being at the beach alive until you can sink your toes into the sand again. 

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