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COVID Testing Requirements for Recently Recovered Passengers

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 02/02/2021
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Recently, new Puerto Vallarta safety warnings and Mexico travel restrictions 2022 have made the news. While the country itself is not implementing any new COVID travel restrictions, those returning to many different international destinations will now need a COVID test to travel. With these new safety measures come a lot of questions: Do I need a COVID test to fly? What COVID test do I need to travel? What kind of COVID test do I need to travel? While all these COVID-19 updates may feel overwhelming, these simple answers will help you navigate everything from when to get tested to the difference between antigen and PCR test options so that your vacation is worry free, and by following Puerto Vallarta safety warnings, you can have a relaxing and safe journey.

What is the Latest Travel Restrictions Update?

The latest Mexico travel restrictions are for those returning to Canada and the US. While you don’t need a travel COVID test to enter Mexico, you must present a negative COVID test to travel to the US or Canada. It is important to note that these rules don’t apply to just those returning from Mexico, they apply to all incoming flights from every country in the world. These COVID travel restrictions require both citizens and foreigners to present results from a test taken within 72 hours of their departing flights. The latest Puerto Vallarta Coronavirus update has information about where to easily and conveniently get tested, and the Puerto Vallarta coronavirus test options all comply with the latest requirements.

Do I Need a COVID Test to Fly?

The new travel restrictions update applies to international flights entering the United States and Canada. At this point, no major airlines are requiring the tests as part of their own safety measures, however they are complying with US and Canadian requirements. If you’re wondering “Do I need a COVID test to fly?”, the answer is that you only do if you’re traveling internationally into a country like Canada or the US that has recent COVID-19 updates that require it. All passengers, even those who are only connecting through a US or Canadian airport, must adhere to these rules. However, you do not need a COVID test to travel on domestic flights, and because there are no Mexico travel restrictions 2022, you do not need test results to enter Mexico.

What COVID Test Do I Need to Travel?

There are a few different tests that can detect the virus, so asking “What COVID test do I need to travel?” is important, and the answer depends on your destination’s COVID travel restrictions. To enter Canada, you must take a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. This travel COVID test is also valid for the United States, as well as viral tests, like the antigen COVID test. The main difference between antigen and PCR testing is the amount of time it takes to get results. While the antigen COVID test can produce results in just a few hours, the PCR test typically takes two days. To decide whether to get the PCR or antigen COVID test, consult with your doctor and check availability in your destination. The time difference between antigen and PCR test results will also be important to consider.

Can I Use Proof of Recent Recovery?

Instead of asking “What kind of COVID test do I need to travel?”, those who have recently recovered from the virus are already asking if their recent results exempt them from getting another travel COVID test. To use proof of recovery for these recent US COVID-19 updates, you must be a US citizen with a positive viral test result from within 90 days of your flight. To show that you have recovered from the virus, the travel restrictions update requires you to present a signed letter from your physician on an official letterhead that contains their name, address, and phone number. The letter must state that you have been cleared for travel. This Documentation of Recovery is an option only for those flying into the United States, Canada does not accept recovery documentation.

While Puerto Vallarta coronavirus cases remain controlled by different safety measures, these new restrictions require travelers to take extra precautions. As important as it is to ask “What kind of COVID test do I need to travel?”, it’s just as important to make sure you stay healthy during your trip. Abiding by the Puerto Vallarta safety warnings and practicing social distancing will help you to stay healthy throughout your vacation while still enjoying the beauty and culture of the city.

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