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Requirements for Travel to Puerto Vallarta Mexico (May - June 2022 Update)

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 13/05/2022
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After two years of quarantining, wearing masks, and staying home, travelers are returning to Puerto Vallarta to sink their toes in the sand, and with few requirements for travel to Mexico, this charming town continues to be one of the most popular destinations for a tropical vacation. Because the guidelines to travel to USA or anywhere else in the world are regularly being monitored and updated, it’s important to double check the Mexico entry requirements COVID has created. By following the COVID requirements for Puerto Vallarta, you’ll have a safe and relaxing getaway.

COVID Testing Requirement for Travel to Mexico

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been no covid testing requirement for travel to Mexico. The country relied on a travel advisory program that monitored states on a case by case basis. With increased vaccinations and low numbers of cases throughout the country, it is unlikely that any new Mexico entry requirements COVID related will be put into effect. However, if you are feeling unwell or have had close contact with someone with COVID, it’s wise to get tested before traveling so that your vacation is smooth and worry free.

Mask Requirements for Travel to Mexico

Arches in Puerto Vallarta Boardwalk

While there isn’t any covid testing requirement for travel to Mexico, you will want to pack a few masks in your bag, but with increased vaccination rates and fewer cases of COVID, many mask requirements around the world are being lifted, including in the state of Jalisco where Puerto Vallarta is located. The first place you’ll notice this when traveling to Puerto Vallarta is on your flight. Be sure to check your airline’s rules and listen respectfully to all instructions. In May, the governor of Jalisco announced that public mask mandates will be limited to hospitals, public transportation, and businesses that wish to continue their mask policies. With so much of the city being open to the fresh sea breeze, travelers have been enjoying soaking up the air when spending time outside throughout the pandemic, and as you continue to visit Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find fewer COVID requirements for Puerto Vallarta.

COVID Test to Travel to USA

Even though the Mexico entry requirements COVID has caused haven’t been strict, other countries have had to continue stricter rules. While US citizens don’t have any requirements for travel to Mexico, they will need to be tested for COVID before returning home. Following these requirements for Puerto Vallarta vacations is simple. There are testing sites throughout the city, including at the airport, and your resort concierge can help you make arrangements to get tested within 24 hours of your return flight to travel to USA.

Canada Travel Restrictions Update

There is still a strict travel advisory and several requirements for Canadian citizens returning home from traveling to Puerto Vallarta. To help travelers navigate this, the government created ArriveCAN, an app that organizes all your medical info and paperwork. The latest Canada travel restrictions update lifted the COVID testing requirement for vaccinated travelers using the app. Be sure to log into the app and upload all your information within 72 hours of your flight.

With lifted mask mandates and the new Canada travel restrictions update, jetting off to paradise is easier than ever. As you get ready for traveling to Puerto Vallarta, continue to read about all travel advisory news, and once you’ve landed, follow all local guidelines for social distancing and sanitation to keep the COVID requirements for Puerto Vallarta low and the city safe.

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