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Reactivation of Activities in Puerto vallarta

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 12/03/2021
Optimizada puerto vallarta travel restrictions

Because of the city’s commitment to preventive measures and sanitation, the Puerto Vallarta travel restrictions have been lifted. For the past several weeks, bars and restaurants have had limited hours, and cultural events and spas have been closed. These COVID travel restrictions successfully worked to slow the spread of the virus, and with a continued commitment to social distancing and wearing face masks, Puerto Vallarta activities are resuming. For those asking “Is it safe to travel to Puerto Vallarta?”, this commitment and the lowered Puerto Vallarta covid cases demonstrate the safety of this tropical destination.

Puerto Vallarta Travel Restrictions

After the Christmas holidays, the state governor hit the proverbial red button, implementing restrictions on Puerto Vallarta activities. For many, hearing this news made them question is Puerto Vallarta safe to travel. However, while other destinations were slow to follow COVID travel restrictions, the swift response and steady leadership kept Puerto Vallarta COVID cases low. Because the government has taken a proactive response, travelers can trust that the lifting of restrictions has been a carefully considered decision.

Safe Travels Stamp

When the World Travel and Tourism Council questioned “is it safe to travel to Puerto Vallarta,” they saw the continued commitment to safety protocols and awarded the city with the Safe Travels Stamp. This non-profit organization works with businesses within the tourism industry to ensure safe and seamless travel, and they worked with WHO and CDC to create COVID travel restrictions and guidelines for all different areas, from cruise ships to car rental companies. Their Safe Travels Stamp recognizes destinations where people can have COVID safe vacations. Local businesses have also earned the Safe Travels Stamp for their commitment to uphold regulations based on the advice of world health experts.

Safely Enjoying Puerto Vallarta Activities

Even while Puerto Vallarta travel restrictions were in place, travelers filled their vacations with safe activities in the spacious natural environment where they could practice social distancing. During COVID safe vacations, paddleboarding, hiking, and scuba diving were popular activities, and with the new travel restrictions update, these activities will continue to be some of the best options for travelers to stay safe.

Is it Safe to Travel to Puerto Vallarta?

With the new travel restrictions update, some may worry that Puerto Vallarta may no longer be the best choice for COVID safe vacations. However, many of the policies that have kept Puerto Vallarta COVID cases down will continue to be in place. The government is continuing to make new plans to promote health and safety. Their new plan will focus on public education, continued medical care, economic help, and a vaccination plan. Throughout your vacation, you’ll continue to see antibacterial hand gel throughout public spaces, and face masks will be required in shops and restaurants.

The new Puerto Vallarta travel restrictions update shows the positive outcome of the city’s continued enforcement of preventive measures. As you enjoy more Puerto Vallarta activities, continuing to follow guidelines and recommendations will help you to have a safe vacation and protect the local community.

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