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Puerto Vallarta Receives WTTC Safe Travels Stamp

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 30/06/2020
Optimizada puerto vallarta receives wttc safe travels stamp

Puerto Vallarta has long been known as one of the safest Mexico destinations, but with the current Coronavirus pandemic, travel safety looks a little different. When people ask is it safe to travel these days, they’re usually more concerned about health. In addition to still experiencing general safety overall and low crime rates, Puerto Vallarta has become a leader in Coronavirus travel safety. With strong leadership from both the government and business owners, this popular Mexican destination has received the Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council in recognition of the steps taken and protocols implemented to fight the pandemic.

The World Travel and Tourism Council is a non-profit organization that works to ensure safe and secure travel, supporting both local economies and helping people enrich their lives through travel experiences. To help the travel industry during this time, the organization has looked to the WHO and CDC to create guidelines and safety measures for different sectors of the industry to implement, including cruise ships, tour operators, and car rental companies. To recognize destinations that have prioritized travel safety, the World Travel and Tourism Council is awarding them with the Safe Travels Stamp, a distinction that assures travelers that companies and communities have adopted health and hygiene protocols that align with the best practices from world health experts. Those who are wondering is it safe to travel to different Mexico destinations only have to look for this stamp of approval. 

As one of the most popular Mexico travel destinations, Puerto Vallarta welcomes hundreds of travelers from all over the world to the sunny shores of the Bay of Banderas every day, but when the Coronavirus pandemic began to spread around the world, the city quickly shut its doors. During the quarantine, the city protected its families and community, but at the same time, resorts and businesses began to research the best travel safety measures to fight the virus. As the city reopens, it’s only with strict protocols and practices in place that businesses can welcome travelers back to Puerto Vallarta. 

Puerto Vallarta is one of the top Mexico travel destinations because it has luxurious all-inclusive resorts that are perfect for everything from beach weddings to family vacations. On your next vacation, you’ll be able to enjoy all of what makes this such a popular Mexican destination, like the fun of splashing on the beach and the tastiness of dining on authentic Mexican cuisine, but you may notice a few changes to the resort’s operations that will keep you safe. For instance, the check-in desk may have a plexiglass shield, or you may need to reserve a time to use the resort’s fitness center. Because Puerto Vallarta is one of the Mexico destinations enforcing safety measures for social distancing, the city has earned the Safe Travels Stamp. 

Of all the gorgeous Mexico travel destinations with their verdant palms and sandy shores, Puerto Vallarta stands apart, especially to travelers looking into is it safe to travel here. This popular Mexican destination is generally very peaceful, with warm hospitality and low crime rates. Even now, as the city faces new health and safety challenges, community leaders are stepping up, researching the best practices, and protecting both the local citizens and foreign travelers. The Safe Travels Stamp recognizes these efforts and helps travelers regain confidence in Puerto Vallarta.

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