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2021 Travel Trends

DESTINATION | Published on 05/02/2020
Family vacation

Exploring new places creates enriching experiences of what life looks like for people around the world, exposing you to the differences that make humanity diverse and the similarities that connect us. This year, travel trends lean toward local and cultural experiences that leave lasting memories. As you start to explore your options for the best places to travel this 2021, let these travel trends inspire your vacations.

Mexico Vacations

In 2021, jetting off to the best beaches in Mexico is perfect for a girls’ weekend, honeymoon, or family vacation. Mexico vacations offer something for every traveler: jungle adventures for the adrenaline junkies, fabulous spa days for the overworked, cultural experiences for the history buffs, and wide expanses of beach for kids who want to run wild. For those who want a little of it all, Puerto Vallarta is one of the best places to visit in Mexico. This charming coastal city has traditional charm with cobblestone streets and plazas by the sea. Throughout the bay where Puerto Vallarta is nestled, discover the best beaches in Mexico. 

Eco Travel

This year’s travel trends are making the world a better place through eco tourism. Travelers around the globe are making intentional choices to take memories and leave only footprints as they explore foreign cities, preserving the beauty of the best places to travel this 2021. They’re looking into the environmental policies of hotels, scheduling sustainable tours, and spending more time outdoors. Traveling with a reusable bottle and bar shampoo and shopping from local vendors helps you keep the world green and bright. Teaching your family how to incorporate sustainable practices is a part of the best family vacations, creating change that will last for generations.

Outdoor Adventures

The best places to travel this 2021 take you into the great outdoors, whether you’re relaxing on the best beaches in Mexico or ziplining over a canopy of trees. As people plan their vacations, they’re looking for more outdoor activities that showcase natural wonders and keep them active. Adding in scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, ATV tours, and fishing expeditions creates the best family vacations and can build teamwork as well as lifelong memories of incredible Mexico vacations. 

Wellness Travel

From mental to physical health, more and more travelers are making wellness a priority. Many of the best places to visit in Mexico host a variety of wellness retreats throughout the year, but you can create your own wellness vacation wherever you go. Begin your day with meditation and light exercise accompanied by a healthy breakfast of tropical fruits and whole grains. Sign up for a yoga class or take a hike to explore the local ecosystem. Adding these wellness activities into you day exposes you to more of what makes the best vacation spots in Mexico so warm and inviting, and making healthy choices is always a part of the best family vacations. 

Foodie Travel

For experienced travelers, the foods they’ve tried around the world are some of the richest memories. From the gourmet to the unusual dishes, the flavors and spices stay with travelers for years. The best places to visit in Mexico for a family vacation or any other trip are famous for their food. While most of the best vacation spots in Mexico serve classics like tacos and enchiladas, each city has something unique for you to try. Visit local restaurants or take a food tour to discover the area’s food scene.

Solo Travel

Because many of the major cities around the world have become more progressive and safer, many travelers are going solo, even women. More individuals are finding that exploring rich cultures and relaxing in silence is a rewarding experience, but meeting other solo travelers adds another layer of fun to traveling. Many of the best vacation spots in Mexico are perfect for solo trips with a variety of cultural and outdoor adventures that attract solo travelers of all ages.

Whether you’re planning a family vacation or bachelorette weekend, there’s a whole world out there waiting for you. Let these 2021 travel trends inspire your trip with new adventures and ideas.

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