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How to Turn a Friend's Destination Wedding Into Your Vacation

DESTINATION | Published on 23/10/2019
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Finding an invitation to a destination wedding in your mailbox can be exciting, but if you were hoping to take your own vacation around the same time, you may feel conflicted. While you wouldn’t miss out on your friend’s wedding, taking time off of work and spending money on beach wedding vacation packages could possibly take away from your own relaxing getaway. However, you can both celebrate your friend’s wedding and take your own vacation by combining the two events. Since most destination wedding venues are in popular vacation spots, make that your vacation destination, and use these vacation tips to have your own dream vacation.

Make it a Longer Stay

The key to enjoying your own trip as part of a wedding vacation is to extend the trip on either end. Arriving a few days early or flying out a couple of days after the wedding gives you time to enjoy paddleboarding, hiking, or relaxing in the spa. Of your whole trip, one or two days will be dedicated to the activities in the vacation wedding packages, but the rest of your stay will be yours to enjoy.

Travel with a Group

Traveling to wedding vacation places is more fun with others. Taking tours together and laughing over shared jokes make the trip more memorable. Find out if there are others invited who would also leap at the chance to extend their trip, or ask other friends to travel with you. While they won’t be able to attend the destination wedding, they can enjoy the rest of the time there with you.

Plan Activities you Want

Wedding vacation places offer a variety of activities, and you’ll likely discover tours to do and sights to see that won’t be included in the couple’s wedding plans. Depending on how involved you are in the wedding, you will have to spend time doing the activities planned in the beach wedding vacation packages. While your friend might want you to cruise the sea or head out for some nightlife before the big day, plan activities you’re interested in for the other days. Getting a chance to do your favorite things makes being a part of other events in the vacation wedding packages more enjoyable. 

Take Advantage of Resort Facilities

With airfare, accommodations, and time off from work, beach wedding vacation packages can add up, and including your own vacation may seem beyond your budget. One of the best vacation tips is to take advantage of the resort’s facilities. Some wedding venues offer all-inclusive deals so that you can enjoy unlimited drinks and snacks by the pool overlooking the sea. Some resorts have on-site activities, tennis courts, watersport rentals, and shows, giving you plenty of options for your personal days. Booking all-inclusive vacation wedding packages can save you money when you take advantage of all the activities, amenities, and dining options included.

Plan Ahead

Because prices on airfare and accommodations in popular wedding vacation places go up during wedding season, start planning your vacation early. This is especially important if your coordinating plans with other friends. Using other vacation tips, like shopping during holiday sales and signing up for resorts’ newsletters, will help you get the most for your money. 

Destination weddings are incredibly unique and romantic ways to celebrate a couple’s love, but they do require you to take time off to fly to an exotic location. Extending your trip and planning activities that excite you will turn your friend’s destination wedding into your own vacation. Instead of just flying into gorgeous wedding venues for the ceremony, make the most of your time in paradise by planning your own vacation around the big day.

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