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Puerto Vallarta is Open to Tourists: What Can I Do and What Places Can I Visit?

DESTINATION | Published on 25/09/2020
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Puerto Vallarta Mexico has been the tropical escape for Hollywood movie stars, families with young kids, and lovers of all ages, and despite its popularity, this charming town is the ideal destination for vacations without crowds. With plenty of space to spread out on the beach and trails heading off into the mountains, travelers can discover adventure with the variety of things to do in Puerto Vallarta, many of which are natural social distancing activities. Whether you’re hiking to secluded waterfalls or paddle boarding on the open sea, you’ll quickly see why Puerto Vallarta is the ideal tropical escape.

How to Travel to Puerto Vallarta

Of course, one of the first places to visit in Puerto Vallarta will be the international airport. With ongoing renovations and developments, it’s become a world-class airport, and the its role this year in enforcing health and safety protocols has helped the city earn the Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council. This award that highlights responsible practices that prevent the spread of disease has also been awarded to select resorts in the city who are prioritizing health. The most important thing when you travel to Puerto Vallarta is making sure that your resort is following the best health and sanitization standards.

What to Do in Puerto Vallarta

The list of what to do in Puerto Vallarta is always expanding, so every day is a new adventure, even if you’ve vacationed here before. Many of the top things to do in Puerto Vallarta are also social distancing activities. Out at sea, discover the wonders of the ocean as you maintain your distance from others while scuba diving or snorkeling. Many resorts also have kayaks and paddleboards for guests to use. To explore the mountains and jungles, head out on a hike along a river to discover hidden waterfalls. The list of what to do in Puerto Vallarta also includes ziplining, spa days, and food tours, and because so many of them naturally are social distancing activities, you can get out and about without having to worry about crowds. 

Which Puerto Vallarta Tourist Attractions to See

If you open a Puerto Vallarta travel guide, the pictures of the city fill you with the urge to hop on a plane and explore the city’s cobblestone streets. Many of the most popular Puerto Vallarta tourist attractions are along the Malecon boardwalk, and it’s one of the first places to visit in Puerto Vallarta. The mile-long boardwalk is lined on one side with sweeping views of the whole bay and on the other side by restaurants, bars, and shops. As you walk the Malecon, some of the Puerto Vallarta tourist attractions to stop at include the iconic Our Lady of Guadalupe parish, the life-size sculptures, and the Rio Cuale river and island. Taking time to stop and snap pictures at these attractions are some of the classic things to do in Puerto Vallarta whether it’s your first or tenth trip here. 

Places to Visit Near Puerto Vallarta Mexico

For vacations without crowds, travelers love exploring the different cities and places to visit near Puerto Vallarta Mexico. To the south of the city, you’ll find fishing villages, secluded beaches, and incredible hikes. In the north, the main places to visit near Puerto Vallarta Mexico are Sayulita and San Pancho, neighboring surfing villages filled with local charm and artwork. Spend your day here catching waves, shopping in boutiques, and eating freshly caught seafood. Whether you get to these destinations by car, boat, or on cultural tours, you’ll experience more than what’s in your typical Puerto Vallarta travel guide. 

If you’re searching for vacations without crowds, travel to Puerto Vallarta to experience the adventures and culture that make Mexico such an exciting destination. With a variety of things to see and places to visit in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll wake up each morning to the possibility of new adventures, and while any Puerto Vallarta travel guide can tell you about the different activities to fill your days with, the experience of exploring the city and being surrounded by its vibrant culture is simply indescribable.

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