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5 Reasons to Visit Puerto Vallarta This Winter

DESTINATION | Published on 02/10/2019
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As the ocean breeze blows away the summer heat and humidity in time for Puerto Vallarta winter, the city starts to host some of the year’s biggest events and festivals. From traditional Mexican holidays to fishing and wellbeing festivals, this year’s winter events will appeal to all types of travelers. As you make your plans to visit Puerto Vallarta Mexico, be sure not to miss out on these local events. With this Puerto Vallarta travel guide, you’ll be in the know on all this winter’s biggest Puerto Vallarta events.

Day of the Dead

On November 1-2, the entire country celebrates the Day of the Dead. Just after the Catholic church’s All Hallow’s Eve and aligning with All Saint’s Day, this traditional Mexican holiday dates back to indigenous Aztec celebrations of the goddess “Lady of the Dead.” Over the years, the traditions have evolved, and today, it’s a joyous celebration in memory of those who have passed away. As the Puerto Vallarta weather cools down, it’s the perfect time for families to clean and decorate gravesites. If you’re in Puerto Vallarta Mexico this November, you can respectfully visit the cemetary in the Cinco de Diciembre neighborhood and watch the parade that starts from there.

64th International Sailfish and Marlin Tournament

One of the top things to do in Puerto Vallarta is deep sea fishing, and for the pros, the International Sailfish and Marlin Tournament is one of the winter events not to be missed. For its 64th year, the tournament will be taking place on November 13-16. Considered one of the best tournaments in Mexico, it’s filled with friendly competition and big cash prizes. Whether you join a team or not, heading down to the pier to watch the boats haul in massive fish to be weighed is a classic Puerto Vallarta winter activity.

International Gourmet Festival

In any Puerto Vallarta travel guide, one of the highlights is food, and this winter, true foodies will be flocking to town for one of the biggest Puerto Vallarta events, the International Gourmet Festival. In nearby Nuevo Vallarta, the top restaurants in the Bay of Banderas gather together for an event like no other. Cooking showcases, chocolate-making demonstrations, and spectacular feasts will dazzle your taste buds from November 19-24 in Nuevo Vallarta. As you watch and taste the best in culinary arts during these winter events, you may even learn a few tips and tricks to take home from Nuevo Vallarta with you.

Free Soul

Yoga and meditation are healing things to do in Puerto Vallarta. The lush scenery, tranquil energy, and cool Puerto Vallarta weather make wellness activities popular this time of year. Start your visit to Puerto Vallarta in December feeling centered and balanced after the Free Soul Festival from November 29-December 1. Throughout the day, participants can practice yoga and meditation with masters from around the world. At night, musicians such as Sadahaka Healing Sounds, Dj Taz, and Pablo Quiroga liven up the festival. To be part of the festival in Puerto Vallarta in December, you can purchase a single day pass or a pass for the whole weekend.

Virgin de Guadalupe

During Puerto Vallarta in December, the city comes alive with festivities and celebrations. The Virgin Mary is one of the holiest figures in the world, and in Mexico, the virgin who appeared to young Juan Diego on December 12 in Villa de Guadalupe is highly revered. Starting on December 1, Mexicans celebrate the days leading up to December 12 with pilgrimages and festivities to honor her. This Puerto Vallarta winter, it doesn’t matter what religion you’re a part of. All are welcome to fill the streets of Puerto Vallarta Mexico to watch the pilgrims carrying candles, traditional dancers, and floats make their way down the main road to the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Standing in a crowd of celebrants listening to the festive music and snacking on street food is one of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta this holiday season.

As the Puerto Vallarta weather cools off, the city starts to celebrate. As you plan your vacation, be sure to schedule in time to check out the festivities in this Puerto Vallarta travel guide. Being a part of these Puerto Vallarta events lets you experience the city like a local, making your vacation truly unique.

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