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The Most Romantic Puerto Vallarta Activities During the Day

DESTINATION | Published on 30/04/2019
Optimizada romantic puerto vallarta activities

Tropical breezes rustling through the palm trees and sunsets over the sparkling ocean inspire some of the best romantic vacations in Puerto Vallarta. While candlelit dinners and nights out on the town are some of the obvious choices for things to do in Puerto Vallarta on a date night, there are also plenty of romantic couple activities during the day to spark fireworks and create magical moments all throughout your vacation.

One of the classic things to do in Puerto Vallarta is a day at the beach. Staying at a resort with all inclusive romantic vacation packages gives you the option to enjoy unlimited drinks by the pool or on the shore. Cool off in the water, or take an adventure together on kayaks, out on a jet ski, or up in a parasail. Vendors along the shore will help you have one of the best romantic vacations with rental equipment. As you lounge together, enjoy some playful flirting and a nap in the shade.

For truly sensual and romantic couple activities, Puerto Vallarta has some of the most elegant and tranquil spas that combine both traditional healing techniques with modern spa sciences, many of which are included in romantic vacation packages. Indulging in aromatherapy massages will awaken your senses and gentle ease tension out of your muscles. In the comfort of plush robes and tranquility of the spa, you and your partner can enjoy this sensual experience together, and the best part is that discounts on spa services and complementary treatments are often included in romantic vacation packages at Puerto Vallarta resorts.

Heading out to sea is one of the most popular things to do in Puerto Vallarta, and one of the most romantic activities that combines privacy and luxury is to chart a private yacht. Onboard, the elegance of the yacht is complimented by gourmet hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and pristine amenities, a romantic setting for a day at sea. Many of the yacht companies also provide ocean activities for your romantic vacations, including kayaking and snorkeling. Along the way, you may spot whales and dolphins splashing alongside the boat, and you can stay out to watch the sunset or return to shore for more romantic activities on land.

Oysters have long been considered an aphrodisiac in many cultures, awakening desires, and enticing romance. While there isn’t a strong scientific basis for this, eating oysters and seafood on the beach in Puerto Vallarta is one of the romantic couple activities during the day. Order cold beers and icy margaritas to keep you cool during the warm afternoon, and let the sound of the waves lapping the shore calm your spirit. Together, the good food, cold drinks, and view of paradise will leave you feeling romantic and in love.

The best romantic vacations require some privacy for intimate conversations and relaxation. Escaping the crowds in Puerto Vallarta is easy if you know where to go. During the day, take a trip to one of the beaches to the south of the city, like Las Animas, Quimixto, or Yelapa. There, you’ll find a long stretch of sandy beaches and a few restaurants with shade and cold drinks. Inside the city, walking along the Rio Cuale will make you feel like you’ve left the city, hidden under the canopy of towering trees between the rivers. Browse the local vendors on the island or stop at one of the quiet bars to rest. When you find these intimate spaces away from the crowds, take advantage of the time to just be present together.

While there are many romantic activities under the twinkling stars in Puerto Vallarta, you can also fill your days with sensual and exciting activities that inspire romance. Treat yourselves to spa treatments, luxury sailing, day trips away from the crowds, or any other of the romantic things to do in Puerto Vallarta. When you do, you’ll find your love rekindled and glowing after a romantic getaway in the magical destination.

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