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DamaJuana Raicilla Festival

DESTINATION | Published on 11/03/2019
Optimizada damajuana raicilla festival

The Rio Cuale Island is located at the heart of Puerto Vallarta in the middle of the Malecon boardwalk, and this weekend, the jungle oasis will be filled with booths of local distillers and food vendors for you to browse during the DamaJuana Raicilla Festival. One of the Puerto Vallarta events that combines culture, drinking, and fiestas all into one, this cultural festival Puerto Vallarta is preparing to host will be an exciting opportunity for travelers to learn more about the raicilla Mexico has become famous for, to sample traditional spirits, and relax to the beats of local musicians. Join in the fun from the night of Friday, March 15 through all day Sunday, March 17 on the Rio Cuale Island during one of the best Puerto Vallarta festivals.

As you walk under the lush shade of the palms and mangroves on the river during the cultural festival Puerto Vallarta is hosting, you can stop and learn more about the raicilla Mexico takes great pride in. At their booths and during scheduled lectures and presentations, distillers will gladly explain raicilla agave processing techniques and what makes raicilla tequila unique. There will also be a little Puerto Vallarta music festival going on with live music from local artists. Whether you spend the day relaxing in the shade and enjoying cocktails or just pop down as you stroll the Malecon, this is one of the best Puerto Vallarta events that are completely free to attend and will teach you more about Mexican culture.

Raicilla was once considered the moonshine of Mexico, made by local farmers in primitive distilleries. However, savvy bartenders and drinkers are beginning to embrace this spirit, and more distillers are perfecting their craft. The raicilla agave plant is similar to that of tequila. Typically single distilled, raicilla agave can be a few different types of the agave plant, which are then roasted like the mezcal agave. Tequila, which is only made from the blue agave plant, is steamed. Because the state of Jalisco has one of the widest diversities of agave plants, the state takes great pride in its spirits, and Jalisco is the only state legally allowed to call its product tequila.

At DamaJuana, one of the premier Puerto Vallarta festivals of the year, you’ll be able to sample not only raicilla, but also artisanal tequilas and mezcals, giving you a taste of their differences. The producers at the cultural festival Puerto Vallarta is hosting will also have flavored raicilla tequila for you to try. Sample raicilla infused with hibiscus, passion fruit, or mint to find the perfect bottle to purchase. These flavored spirits are less strong and perfect for sipping with a little ice. If spirits aren’t your taste, there will also be three craft breweries serving artisanal beers at the Puerto Vallarta music festival and raicilla tasting.


No Puerto Vallarta festivals would be complete without Mexican food. After sampling the variety of raicilla tequila, head over to the food and dessert tents to fill your belly with an exquisite meal. The jazz and mariachi sounds from the Puerto Vallarta music festival going on at DamaJuana will provide the perfect accompaniment as you sit beside the peaceful river with your food.

Of all the free Puerto Vallarta events, the DamaJuana Raicilla Festival is looking to be three days of good food, drinks, and music--a winning combination. The raicilla Mexico makes is incredibly unique, and is taking the cocktail world by storm, inspiring bartenders to concoct new drinks that bring out its smooth flavor. However, it’s still a little-known spirit, but at DamaJuana, you can learn about its complexity and sample the variety of raicillas available.


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