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Puerto Vallarta Surfing: Beaches, Towns and Activities

DESTINATION | Published on 01/04/2022
Optimizada surfing in puerto vallarta

Mexico’s Pacific coast has some of the best surf towns in the nation. Whether you’re a pro or just looking to pick up some new tricks on your vacation, there are a number of surf spots to try out, especially if you’re headed to Jalisco or Nayarit. Some of the best beach towns near Puerto Vallarta offer up a variety of waves for every level of surfer and the vibes are more than enough to keep your spirits up all day long, regardless of how many waves you ride.

Where is the Best Surfing in Mexico?

Mexico has a number of surf spots to tempt even the most beginner surfer. From the stand up paddle paradise in Loreto, Baja California Sur, to the breaks in Punta Mita, Nayarit, there are surfing opportunities for every level and style of surf. Some of the most popular locations are filled with a variety of water sport activities, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking, in addition to what every surfer is looking for, a good break and amazing sunsets. If you are headed to Mexico’s Pacific coast, Puerto Vallarta surfing is among the best.

Surfing in Puerto Vallarta 

Puerto Vallarta surfing and the surf towns to the north in Riviera Nayarit attract thousands of surfers each year. The popular destination offers a wealth of exciting water sport activities, but surfing tends to be among the favorites. On the south side of town, there are a few beaches that provide the ideal surf conditions at different points throughout the year. All along the shores of town, you’ll find slow waves perfect for paddle boarding, including in front of Los Arcos. South in Quimixto, one of the best surf towns south of Puerto Vallarta, a more gentle wave hits the shores during the summer months, providing both lefts and rights that will challenge your skills.

Surfing Near Puerto Vallarta

While surfing in Puerto Vallarta is possible, most people head further north to the beaches of some of the best surf towns in the nation. Punta Mita, Sayulita, San Pancho, and some of the beaches along the way provide the ideal surfing near Puerto Vallarta.

Punta Burros

Sometimes crowded, this reef break is a popular choice for those seeking hours of wave time during the winter months, but because it’s off the beaten track and not part of a town with restaurants and shops, you’ll want to bring your own food and drinks if you plan to spend the day surfing.

La Lancha

Access to the beach has recently been fenced off, but with a local surf guide, you’ll have the time of your life at La Lancha. The fun waves here are ideal for everyone, including beginners looking to hone in their skills and pros who just want a great place to shred some waves. The beach is stunning, the ambiance is laid back, and there’s usually no one in sight.

Best Beach Towns Near Puerto Vallarta


When you ask where is the best surfing in Mexico, Sayulita is often among the answers. This laid back beach town is one of the most iconic surf spots in all of Mexico, providing two breaks: one for longboards and another with faster waves for shorter boards. Sayulita has long been recognized as one of the best beach towns near Puerto Vallarta for its friendly surf, delicious culinary scene, trendy yogi vibes, and stunning views.

San Pancho

Further north, San Francisco, or simply San Pancho, has become one of the favorite places among locals for surfing near Puerto Vallarta. This once quiet town has grown in popularity, so now instead of just picturesque views and good open reef surfing, you’ll find plenty of boutique shops, delicious restaurants, and a friendly vibe that makes it a great alternative to Puerto Vallarta surfing.

Punta Mita

At the northernmost point of Banderas Bay lies Punta Mita, a chic beach town ideal for water sports activities, such as scuba diving, whale watching, paddleboarding, and surfing. There are a number of spots to pull out your board, including El Anclote near the restaurant area and El Faro, which sits about a ten to fifteen minute walk along the beach, north of the restaurant area.

Whether you’re surfing in Puerto Vallarta or heading north to the more popular surf towns, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time!

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